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Gay Korean Marine = Marlboro Man?


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A new study out today shows that gays, Koreans, and marines smoke the most. As many know, I am not a fan of smoking, but this study could change my mind!


12:49 PM PDT, September 6, 2005 latimes.com Among California's Biggest Smokers

From a Times Staff Writer



Marines, gays and Korean men smoke at rates far above the average of all Californians, according to a study released today.


While 15.4% of residents smoke, more than 30% of lesbians and gays do, according to the study done by the California Department of Health Services.


And soldiers in all branches of the military are more likely to smoke than other residents. More than 1 in 4 Marines smoke, the highest rate in the military, according to the study.


"These studies show marked disparities among California's communities and confirm that we must continue our efforts so all of our communities can avoid the disease and death caused by tobacco addiction," said Sandra Shewry, director of the Department of Health Services.


The new data also show that Chinese and Asian Indian Californians smoke at considerably lower rates than the general population.


The study included 2,825 out of the 156,402 active duty personnel stationed at 16 military bases in California. More than 3 out of 4 soldiers were under age 34.


The study found that almost one-third of the youngest soldiers, under age 24, smoked. The higher the rank, the less likely the person was to smoke, the study concluded.


The highest rate of smoking was observed among the non-Hispanic white group at 26.1%, which is significantly higher than any other ethnic group.


Among active military stationed in California, Marines reported the highest smoking rate of 26.9%, compared to the Navy's 20.2%; and 50% more than the Army's 17.8% and the Air Force's 17.5%.


The overall smoking prevalence of Korean-heritage Californians was 15.3%, with 27.9% of Korean men reporting that they smoke.


Shewry said that overall smoking rates in California are at historic lows. She said the study, the first of its kind, would help health officials focus prevention efforts on residents most likely to take up the habit.


"California's tobacco education programs have had great success in reducing the state's overall smoking prevalence," Shewry said.


She said the current budget includes a $3 million increase to support expanded tobacco control and prevention activities. This includes $2.6 million in grants earmarked for community groups targeting special populations with high tobacco use rates.


The study was conducted in 2004 and 2005 and was the first by the state to look individually at gays, the military, Korean, Chinese and Asian Indian populations.


The department said the study was the first conducted in English as well as Asian languages, such as Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi and Punjabi.

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Guest zipperzone

I find the stats in the article hard to believe.


I know hundreds of gay men and I can hardly think of any that smoke.


What a disgusting thing to put in your mouth when other objects are readily available for oral satisfaction!

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>I know hundreds of gay men and I can hardly think of any that



Have you been in a gay bar lately? Almost every one is filled with smoke, and I don't like staying in them very long for that reason.


It's always weird to see that a community which is so focused on health in some ways: working out, talking up safe sex, being anti-drug, can at the same time have so many guys who are smoking cigarettes and over-eating.


Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned, but it always hurts to see people in our community harming themselves with cigarettes and obesity. Durgs and condoms get a lot of attention, and for good reason, but smoking and being overweight can be just as bad, if not worse, for your health and they seem to more accepted among the gay community.

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Guest msclonly

Go into any gay bar, where smoking is allowed and you will be knocked over by the heavy smoke and smell, that you take home with you in your clothing fibers!


}( }( }(

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