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A good reads about giving/receiving advice...

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And no, this is not an oral sex tutorial.


Its generally in this section that advice is exchanged. I think in our dynamic of older man client/younger escort guy...its standard to expect advice to be taken. Valuable sometimes...but other times it can do a disservice. However, sometimes being open to advice helps us to grow. I've pulled 2 paragraphs that explain the basic mistakes advice givers/receivers make. You can read the full article if desired:


Advisor mistakes

Offering self-centered guidance.

Advisers often frame their guidance as “how I would respond if I were in your shoes.” This approach is both off-putting and ineffective, because they’re clearly not thinking about how the seeker feels, perceives the situation, and understands the choices ahead—the kinds of insights that lead to empathic understanding and useful recommendations. Advisers may also share personal stories and experiences that fail the “doability test” because they simply don’t accord with the seeker’s level of power, negotiating skill, organizational savvy, or situational constraints.


Advice seeker mistakes

Misjudging the quality of advice.

Most seekers who accept advice have trouble distinguishing the good from the bad. Research shows that they value advice more if it comes from a confident source, even though confidence doesn’t signal validity. Conversely, seekers tend to assume that advice is off-base when it veers from the norm or comes from people with whom they’ve had frequent discord.



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Haha dear Abby...


I just bought this up because I'm getting tired of people dishing out advice and suggestions that are either vague or based on their perception of a situation. Especially when going thru a hard time as I have recently.


Sometimes I feel when going to people, they aren't actually interested in assisting. Some just want to be heard and offer what they see fit for them (without realizing it). It's like one of my friends suggested I become a flight attendant like him, and that I could "do escorting at the same time". Oh, it sounds so wonderful. Why hadn't I thought of that before?


Vague suggestions. No real direction or even taking into consideration whether one could qualify for such a position.

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