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To beard, or not to beard ... dedicated to Purplekow.

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Over the last two days, February 16 and 17, there have been more bearded than clean shaven escorts reviewed. So are beards back for escorts and clients, does a beard sway you to hire or not hire a particular escort?

For me, I wear a beard at time thinking that the more of my face that is covered the better I look. Do beard hide a multitude of appearance sins?




Have you thought about growing a beard?


Has a client ever asked you to do that?


Are you bearded already? Do guys tell you they hired you because of your beard?


Examples of guys clean-cut and bearded.


















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Lack of any facial hair would be a serious disadvantage for me; As they say,

"there can be no argument in matters of taste".

I'm good either with or without.


Beards definitely seemed to be in vogue today. As long as the beard is neatly trimmed I am ok, but if not maintained then it will be an immediate turnoff.


It depends for me. Some guys look very good with scruffy beards.

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I have a beard off and on - it's entirely dependent on my mood, but I did have a client not hire me because I didn't have my beard at the time.


You look quite sexy with some scruff.... I may have to stop by and sniff your jock sometime... yes, I saw your twitter feed, LOL

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