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I'll Admit, It's The Good Life

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I know recently, or lately...it seems like I've portrayed escorting ain't much fun. But you know, I'll say this: Things aren't always what they seem. Even to me.


So over the last couple weeks, I've come to see that the ones who are there to brighten the darkest times, are usually my very own clients. This year, I was single on Valentine's Day, and pretty much expected it since I just relocated and hadn't really met but one person...who conveniently told me back in December he wasn't looking to date...but texts me and tells me he started seeing someone after Christmas, and they had valentines plans together. That's the kind of typical stuff that goes on when meeting these guys on dating apps many times. They don't say what they want, but they're always looking for the next best thing.


However, I wasn't sweating. I was simply seeing what I would be missing, had I stayed home and not left on Super Bowl weekend to spend just a couple hours with a client a few hours away. Clearly I wouldn't of missed much. So, I had a date for Super Bowl Sunday!


Then came Valentines. Oh no! I'm single. No fear. I put on Facebook that if you're in a relationship, GREAT. But even if You're not in a relationship, that doesn't mean you can't accept and exchange gifts to/from admirers. Why put all the burden on 1 man to make you happy when there's 100 that'll be all too happy? And from Super Bowl to valentines, I had "admirers" giving me "gifts" everyday. A week that I was loath to live thru, because last year I dated several guys and it all went sour. So, I took that gift money, and spoiled myself on Valentine's Day LOL. I just wished I hadn't missed my Brunch on Saturday! And I didn't have to share it with someone that might not even be around by the time St Patrick's day rolls around.


So moral of the story: I enjoy this. I have good weeks, and bad weeks. Sometimes the good and bad it lasts for months. But, there's always people out there willing to do it right. But by no means do I hate what I do or dislike or not value the clients who ACTUALLY SHOW UP. I don't always know why I get sent clients who become blessings to me, and I may never understand the difference between a gay dating app guy versus a guy who doesn't use those and prefers escorts from time to time. But I do know the ones I usually have better relationships with.


Question: Can anyone answer that second to last sentence for me?

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Any day that I wake up and

I can put my feet on the floor and

stand up, is a "Good" Day.


Lately, I have been blessed by having

more "Good" days than "Bad" days.

-- Daddy 2015


Well that's the simple answer. Here's the hard answer:


What if you died 30 years ago,

and you've been in Heaven or Hell

for this entire time.


Which has it been?


For me I've been in Heaven, and

each morning I wake up happy to be here.


Why would anybody choose the alternative?


-- Daddy 2012




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