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2nd Phone Line

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I’ve been researching the “2nd phone line” concept. Not really sold on Google Voice even though it’s free. Google tracks absolutely everything you do - and then shares it.


I’ve looked at: MyAKA, eVoice, line2, Grasshopper, Truphone and CallingVault. Some of these are business enterprise oriented. Those that seem most applicable to me, as a single user, are MyAKA, line2 and CallingVault. All hide your actual phone number. Lots of fine print to go through with all of them.


CallingVault “secures” everything inside a separate vault until you retrieve it. Might have the strongest identity protection since you can use a gift card for payment. The “low” price is a teaser though. That’s only for text (voice additional) and payment is annually. Pricing is complicated but looks like about $39/yr for text (250 texts/mo) + $84yr for voice (250 min/mo).




Line2 appears to be the best known of these. Pay as you go. Works over wifi, data or cellular networks. No text limit. High voice limit (amount depends on where you sign up - website, not App store, is best deal). “Free” calling from overseas to USA. Might be a good choice for those who would use it a lot. For moderate use about $10/mo.




MyAKA does not use an App or go through a call forwarding center. Instead all use goes directly to your current provider using your cellular network. That would likely eliminate any “latency / echo” issues for voice calls. However, that also means all use would count against your current provider limits. For low usage it is the least expensive - about $9/mo for combination of 100 texts and/or voice minutes.




For my limited purposes I’m leaning towards MyAKA. But my questions:


Does anyone use Line2 or CallingVault and have you been satisfied? in particular have you noticed a “latency /echo” issue with voice calls?


Other considerations I’ve missed or should consider?

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