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David - NYC

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I reverse-image-searched his main photo, and it turned up in a few Pinterest boards. There's a chance it's the same guy, but those are most likely very slim.


His sole testimonial has the same writing style (usage of ellipsis, random capitalization, etc.) as his profile. This reviewer also called the masseur "Pati" instead of David.


I'd say fake.

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He used to advertise under name Pati Sere, which accounts for the reference in the review. I saw him once a while ago. The pix he used in his former ad were not of him. He was a nice guy and attractive but not nearly in the shape that his pix conveyed. His massage was OK, nothing to write home about. His apartment was in a nice building as I remember but was somewhat messy. He used his couch for the massage. Overall not worth it in my view, unless things have changed.

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