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Is It Unusual To Have Never Had Blue Balls?

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There's another topic in The Lounge that mentions blue balls. But it made me think. Now I'm not talking about just being horny and maybe having an erection that won't go down. I'm talking about actual testicular or groin pain from not ejaculating. I don't think I've ever had it even when I was an adolescent. For example-I first masturbated when I was 16. A few months later I was at summer camp for 6 weeks -my first and only time at sleep away camp. I either didn't masturbate for the entire 6 weeks-or maybe I did it once. But in any case, I don't remember getting any pains from my abstinence. When I got back from camp-I did it usually daily, but I rarely did it more than once a day. That pattern continued until probably my early to mid-40's. There would be times of abstinence where I would try to wean myself off masturbating, but again I don't ever remember feeling groin or pelvic pain.



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