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How to tell the fakes: Not with respect to escorts

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This really isnt' the forum for this, but I thought I'd ask anyway:


I'm on match.com, more for entertainment than for success. Occasionally I get a message that inevitably ends with "well, if you send me airfare and | or visa costs ..."


The current one almost sounds real. Unfortunately, the unsub is exactly my type: Tall; blond; and a little chunky around the middle.


I'm sure y'all are familiar with the drill: Father died in [African country]; mother lives in [Carribean country]; no siblings; yadda yadda yadda.


Yet, still, and unexplainably, I am still drawn to these ads.


When does one know that they are, indeed fake? My own history:


"my father died when I was 14. My mother had $50 to her name.

we made it through high school, but I had to work through college..."


all of which is true,the fact that my grandfather introduced the Barbie Doll to Chicago notwithstanding.


I'm merely lookng for comments. I'm not so crazy as i sound.

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More often than not, it's our gut instinct that never fails us. I think when people get involved with some of these scams, there is a certain fascination with trying to expose the scammer. Is it times that have changed, or was I just lucky enough to never run up against any of this? At the urging of co-workers, I joined briefly years ago. I must say that I did meet some great guys, no sexual connection, but every meet-n-greet I did was legit, and every profile pic matched the person who wound up sitting across from me perfectly. I gave up, perhaps too quickly, since I do know a few people that have met on there, and as with one co-worker , it ended in marriage.

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IDK, my Match.com experiences were mostly similar in that the few guys I did meet were ligit and did look "somewhat" like their pix but their pix were obviously the best of the best because they all seemd to be older and heavier in person. So I started restricting my meets to only guys with a selfie w the latest IPhone etc like I'd post lol. When my last few "suggested" matches had at least 2 or 3 WOMEN in the bunch, I left :-) ps - they WILL hound you after you leave with torrents of emails :-)

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