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Aleksandr's Price

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I ran across this movie on Netflix, and I'm surprised it hasn't been discussed here. Has anyone else seen it?


Netflix describes it thusly: "Struggling to make ends meet, an illegal immigrant turns to escorting and soon finds himself sinking into the dark world of New York City's sex trade."


To me, it seemed like a well made picture telling the rather dark side of our favorite profession. It struck a chord with me, perhaps because I've just ended an entanglement with a gentleman similarly desperate as the main character. Around here, I think we tend to avoid acknowledging the desperate situations that lead some men into escorting. I'm so glad that there are an abundance of men who opt to escort for good, healthy reasons, but perhaps it's important to occasionally remember that this isn't all rainbows and ponies.



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Really enjoyed it as well. I was impressed how Aleksandr did not really have to do any advertising to find his next customer... i guess there are a coterie of cute boys who travel in A list circles that don't really have to promote their wares....

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