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Argentine film 'Wild tales'. When fiction becomes reality.

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Wild tales film. When fiction becomes reality...


Previously mentioned in this thread.



The Oscar-nominated foreign film "Wild Tales," released in U.S. theaters over the weekend, has had a disclaimer added to it due to similarities between an opening sequence and last week's plane crash in the French Alps that killed 150 people.


The Curzon Theater chain added the following language to their website after many noted the eerie similarities between one of the scenes and the reports that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed his plane into the mountains.


Disclaimer: Following the Germanwings flight incident on Tuesday 24th March, please be aware that WILD TALES features a sequence that some customers might find disturbing.



Similar language is now being shown in some theaters before the film.


"Wild Tales" is a portmanteau film with six storylines that each share revenge themes. In one [spoiler ALERT] a man tricks a planeload of people who have wronged him into the same flight, locks himself in the cockpit, and crashes the plane into his parent's house. Scenes of people trying to break down the cockpit door and screaming at the pilot resemble audio retrieved from the Germanwings' flight's black box of the flight's pilot trying to break down the door and stop Lubitz.


The whole situation reminds more of Egypt Air 990 where the pilot wanted to kill one of the persons in the cabin.



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The whole movie is made of six inventive, dark comedies. My favorite story was the one involving the guy changing his tire and the guy he gave the finger too catching up with him. THAT was a Wild Tale. But they're all good. Only just now realized how much the first story matched the recent tragedy.

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