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Todays review of Walker James

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Jess HOW many times to we have to get burned???????? When it's an OUTCALL - NO money up-front. PERIOD. Though some HONEST scorts we talk to here may have their reasons and they may be valid, we MUST go by the laws of adverages that TELL us ANY scort who COMES TO YOU and asks for his money ten feet inside your door is planning to just LEAVE (left something in my car my car is on fire whateva TF the excuse is) and NOT come back. The End.

*and yes it's happened to me (ASIDE from my Scott Sloan scam posts) but just ONCE and never again. And the one time it DID happen it was NOT discussed prior btw. If he's coming to you and tells you in advance THAT'S a pre-requisite, no matter if he's Zac Efron's twin, think with the big head not the little one and say "nevermind". If he springs it on you once he's THERE, no matter HOW hot he is, DON'T hand over a cent. Just find a safe way to get him OUT, because that's where he's planning to head.

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