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I'm confused about this ad now.

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He's kind of my type. Tatted, nice nips, nice body, nice underwear. I decided to hit him up and see what he's about.


Honestly, the phone call I gave him kind of scared me. His voice sounded exactly like a guy I hired in January named Trevor. http://la.backpage.com/MaleEscorts/mr-u-wont-regret-it-818-9608565/45907181 Trevor creeped me out. And not someone I would hire again.


Trevor's phone number goes straight to voicemail now. Anthony's number took awhile to ring before Anthony picked up, if it was Anthony and not Trevor. From what I know though, Trevor didn't have tattoos in that region. Or maybe he did, I'm not sure anymore. But it's also been two months since I saw him and he could have gotten new tats.


But another thing that set off alarms was that Anthony said something about having a roommate, which Trevor does as well. And Anthony almost tried transferring me to his "driver" which I didn't want to do.


At this point I'm confused. Is it possible for two people to have similar voices? Or is Anthony and Trevor the same guy?

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hey Sully.....can I ask what creeped you out about Trevor?.....I like his looks a bit....PM if you want.....


seems like you'd remember all those tats on Trevor if it is him acting like Anthony now, right?.....though I know you say you may've forgotten, the tats seems pretty memorable.....


good luck.....careful treading the pages of backpage!

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