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It's fairly simple. You pay a ten dollar fee to enter. Once inside the bar, you are approached by successive "dancers" who may let you explore their bodies but in all cases will offer lap dances in the back room. If you find someone you like, go for it, but be aware that the going rate is twenty dollars "per song" and that you should specify how many somgs you want to pay for before you head back there. You should be aware that the back room is an open area where anyone walking to the back patio can witness the lap dances. How much goes on between a client and his "dancer" varies depending on the "dancer". A "champagne room" that's essentially a curtained off area is available for quite a lot of money, and what goes there may be a lot more than goes on in a lap dance. Finally, be aware that drinks are amazingly expensive -- e.g., $13 for a name whiskey on the rocks.

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