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Joey Adams (North Carolina)

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There are reviews of him available on this site. http://www.daddysreviews.com/venue/usa/north_carolina


Been with him in the past. Do realize he is older than advertised (shocking, isn't it?) but still as handsome as ever. Has always been higher priced than others, but he does work at being a good date.


I've been interested in him for hiring in early 2015. How much older would you estimate he is, out of curiosity? And would you say the pictures used in his ads are a bit dated or accurate? Thanks in advance.

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When I lived in North Carolina many years ago, I considered hiring him. At that time, his prices were too high for me. His pics are very sexy, and I’m glad to hear that folks have had good experiences with him!


As for the age of the pics, the black-and-white image in the top left corner (of mostly his face and his arms crossed) dates back to when I lived there. I moved to my current location in late 2006. If I recall correctly, he sort of dropped off the scene for a couple of years and then re-emerged around maybe 2011. That’s when his new batch of photos appeared.


In my personal opinion, he looks even sexier in his more recent pics, so there’s a good chance he’s only gotten hotter with age. If you are concerned about it, you might ask if he would be willing to share some more recent photos.

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