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"I Had to Change My Handle" - your thoughts?

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How many others out there had to at least once

change their "handle" on Daddy's?


I did. I think it was a good reason

(which I prefer to keep private).


Below is what I thought was a thoughtful article

on multiple identities on anonymous forums--

the good and the bad.


I think Daddy was very concerned about the

"bad. "


But there is also some "good" and also

"at times, necessary."


Your thoughts?





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Good Article. At one time I felt I needed to establish another identity on this forum and did so for no nefarious reasons. I had invested too much of myself in one identity and needed the freedom to be someone else for a short period of time. Given the negative attitudes about having multiple identities here, I marked in my profile who my other identity was so anyone actually looking could easily see my alter-ego.While I have only one brand, I have many products.

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I was a frequent poster on another set of porn/escorting forums for a while, using a name that I'd used in many other forums so I was somewhat identifiable. For posts where I wanted to get a little more slutty, and didn't want to associate what I wrote there with my (somewhat) public persona, I had another username.

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