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Can you help me identify some fetish escorts?

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I know it's a lot to read, sorry. If anyone knows these guys, or would like to try and top the experience, then feel free to get in touch.


I've hired escorts regularly over the past 10 years. Some have been amazing, some have been terrible, and most fall somewhere in the middle. I travel a lot with work, so have been fortunate enough to sample a wide variety. Unfortunately I only tend to write reviews if the experience is awful... I'm trying to do better at that. Last year for Christmas, I went home to Salt Lake City. There were two traveling escorts advertising on adam4adam. It's not where I usually go to look for fun, but Utah can be pretty limited in selection, and I needed to take a break from all the family time. Under their description, they stated that they offered a bondage massage for the truly adventurous. I thought it was worth a try and made an appointment. It was one of those experiences that was so amazing, I now compare all other sexual encounters to that one night, and jack off to the memory of it regularly.


We met at a hotel. The guys were both young and hot. Kind of the jock frat boy type. The room had a front sitting room with a couch. They invited me to sit on the couch, and one of them sat in a chair across from me. He asked what I had tried before, what I was interested in, established a safeword, and finished by asking for my consent for what was about to follow. I gave it. He encouraged me to struggle, claiming it made the experience more fun.


I hadn't realized the second guy had moved behind me. While I was distracted by the first, he had stripped down. The second I gave my consent, he took his boxer briefs, and pulled them over my head. He then pulled back on them, pulling me back against the couch and holding me there. While I struggled to pull the underwear off of my face, the two of them laughed at my predicament and what I was in for.


Then the first guy stripped himself, then he yanked off my shoes and socks, then pants and underwear. They laughed at me a bit more, poking, pulling, and slapping as he went. He then grabbed me by the balls and began to squeeze. As he did, he gently whispered in my ear through the underwear, that I was to stop struggling, enforcing his point with a hard pull. I did so, and the second guy finally removed the underwear, and then my shirt.


The first guy then lead me by the balls to the bed, never relenting in his squeezing. He commanded me to lay down on the bed, face down. I had to kick a leg up over his squeezing hand, so that he now had my balls from behind. I laid down, and he then sat down on my back, still holding on. As he held me there by the balls, the second guy pulled out ropes, and tied me spread eagle to the bed.


They then began the massage. 4 handed, deep and rough. Mixed in with slapping my ass, pulls to my cock and balls, fingering my hole, and pulling my hair. At one point he tied a rope to my balls, and pulled it tight, tying the other end to the bed frame holding them tight. They loved to put their weight on me, often using their whole bodies against mine in the massage. At one point one of them was walking up and down my back, which actually popped it into place, but then he stepped off my back and onto my cock which was stretched out by the rope.


Any time any of them did anything to me, they would laugh and joke around about my situation.


They spent a full hour on my back. My ass was red and tender by this point, and my balls and cock felt pretty abused. Then untied me and roughly flipped me over.

They retied me, and went to work on my front. One of them sat bare assed on my face, both of them laughing about whether or not he should fart. Thank goodness he didn't. He commanded me to lick, as he massaged my chest, and worked over my nipples. I had to struggle for breath, being half suffocated by his perfect ass. The other guy sat on my stomach, and began massaging my feet, tickling them as he did so. he then worked his way up my legs and to my cock. they would switch positions half way through, so I got to experience both asses, and again later when fucking me.


They laughed at my hard on, and spent plenty of time pulling and squeezing on my balls while slapping my cock around. They massaged the front of me with the same zeal, taking their time with brutal and tantalizing attention. They finished with one of them fucking my face, the other fucking my ass, and my cock so tender I could barely stand for it to be touched by the time I came. At one point, he grabbed my cock by the shaft with one hand, placed his other hand against the head of my cock, open palmed, and worked his hand in a circular motion with the open palm until my cock head was so tender I was trying to pull away. When he was finally jerking me for the purpose of cumming, he was also kind of stroking my balls, grabbing my nut sack at the base and pulling, letting it slip though his fingers after he passed the nuts, applying a nice amount of pressure on my balls as they passed through his hand, and then followed immediately by the other hand doing the same in succession. Almost like he was milking my balls. It was so intense, I think I could have cum just from that without the need to touch my cock. Once I came, they weren't done. They continued rubbing my cock head as they both jerked off on me. It was pure torture.


After they both came, and I came a second time, one had to shove his dirty underwear in my mouth to keep me from crying out during the second go around. They removed the underwear from my mouth, and used it to clean up all three of our cum from my body. They then lead me, again by the balls, to the shower. They had me kneel down, then they both pissed all over me, pulled my hair, spit in my mouth, and one of them was once again standing on my cock as I cleaned both their cocks with my mouth. They then turned on the shower, and aggressively and roughly scrubbed me down, dried me off, and then lead me back out to the couch and sat me down. I was afraid, thinking we were finished, and unsure of what could possibly be next. One stood on the couch, pressing his cock against my face, and the other placed something surprisingly cold against my cock. The first then backed off, sat next to me on one side, with the other on the other side. All still naked. I looked down, and there was a cold beer between my legs. They then opened their own beers, smiled, and we sat for quite a while enjoying beer and discussing how I enjoyed the evening. It was a nice wind down after the intensity of it all. They finished by presenting me with the pair of boxer briefs the one guy had worn, then they restrained me with, then gagged my with, then cleaned all our cum up with as a gift, presented in a zip lock bag, as a memento of our time together. I had booked them for two hours, the specified time for their bondage massage, but in truth I was with them for half of the night.


All in all, the entire experience was delightful. I don't think I have ever had such a powerful orgasm in my life, and any sexual encounter before or since has been measured against that one amazing time. There was just something about their fun loving attitude that kept me relaxed, and something about being forcibly stripped that really added to the experience. It definitely wasn't the usual, ok strip, ok now suck my cock, ok now cum, routine that i seem to get from most escorts who claim to do kink.


I don't know if these guys are still around, or if someone offers something similar, but I would love to experience it again. If you guys are out there, get in touch. If anyone thinks they can top it, let me know. If anyone knows who they are from their style, I would appreciate a way to get back in touch. Their profiles on adam4adam disappeared after their road trip, and I hadn't had the foresight to get any other forms of contact information.

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It did. Sorry I went into so much detail, but I figured it was in the details that someone might recognize their signature moves. Everything about the session felt like it was perfectly tailored to me. They probably got a lot of it out of our first chat, but not all of it. They really were good. They told me at the beginning to call them by Sir, and I know their profiles on a4a had names, but I can't remember them. I'm trying to remember details about them, although they didn't talk much about themselves. I think one said he was from Florida, and the other claimed Carolina or something like that. I also remember one said he played lacross and football. One was taking pole dancing classes. That's about all I remember.

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