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GIF question

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If you mean the file itself, yes. You need image manipulation software like Photoshop or any of the lesser packages.


If you mean on a web page, it's not the preferred way but the <IMG> tag accepts size parameters.


If you mean *HERE*, I don't think the form software supports it.

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Is there a way to adjust the size of a gif?


You could try this. Can't vouch for it. It just popped up when I Googled "resize gif". Note that your gif will be uploaded to their server and remain there for an hour for you to download in the resized version.


Oops! Just noticed AdamSmith's post. Probably a much better solution. http://www.boytoy.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/thumbsup.png

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Thanks, Deej. I don't have Photoshop and don't think the expense would be worth it to me. What I'm trying to do is get gifs larger when I post them to tumblr so that they'll be larger when I post them here. Could you tell me how the <IMG> tag is used?


GIF files don't enlarge well. As a file format designed to be as small as possible for fast downloading it contains the bare minimum data about the image so there typically isn't enough data to enlarge the image without severe degradation. Most people use other image file formats for the actual image and generate a right-sized GIF from that image once they know the destination requirement.


The <IMG> tag won't do you any good for images you intend to link here. You link to the actual file, not the file "as displayed" on the remote site.


In addition to the two suggestions above, Google will find you a plethora of information and alternatives for resizing images (and also information about the <IMG> tag). Resizing an image isn't an uncommon activity. :)

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