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What the...????

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Interesting in the display, more likely the bottom or submissive is wearing it rather than the gentleman depicted. I have tried the "gas mask." It is a breath control method. Its okay but I prefer the human hand or choke hold because it is more personal and connected. It is freaky but I have tried it with several gentlemen and when done properly it is sort of like a rush with poppers but no chemicals. I would just recommend don't do it a bath tub or shower. The gentleman who did that to me did not consider that I would go right out and fall and banged my head on the bathtub faucet. I was cut but no issue, he on the other hand was absolutely petrified that something terrible had happened. I was laughing at his response and to this day I chuckle over it while he grimaces. The gas mask is a little more psychological impairment to go with it.

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Bostonman, you need to attend the Folsom Fair!




Maybe he's not into some kind of FART FETISH...

And wouldn't that be the Folsom Fart Fair?

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