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Here's another I found on Adam4Adam. Just beautiful.




Anyone hired him?


Thanks in advance.





His ad is bogus, like many of the escort ads we uncover or that bite us if we are not careful.


He and at least one other person use the same phone number in his ad. With telephones so cheap, why would two different escorts have two different ads with the same phone number?




As you can see from looking at the photos, the photos are NOT of the same person - Also, one guy claims to be age 21 while the other claims to be age 24.


Oh, and this guy also advertises on Backpage.




Notice the inconsistency of ages between the two ads running at the same time. In the ad you reference, the guy you discuss is age 21 but in the Backpage ad, he is age 24.


I do not know the relationship of the other person using the same phone number as the guy you posted.


In the ad you posted, he offered to meet in a public place. I would be interested to learn how that might play out if you were to agree to meet, despite the inconsistencies in his ads.


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He also has the same misspellings of with: "whit"



Using a percentage as a validation tool, I wonder how many bogus escorts ads there are! I think the ratio of bogus ads is in excess of 50%. Yes, less than half of the ads are legitimate.


Backpage seems to have the highest percentage of bogus ads, while rentboy and rentmen are less phony but they also contain a high percentage of bogus ads.


I define bogus as: (1) outright lies in the ad (2) stolen photos are used (3) photos that are markedly outdated (4) lies as to advertised performance (5) bait and switch (6) and the list goes on -


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Damn. Thanks, men. Appreciate the responses.





Curious, on the ad that you presented, the escort offered to meet in a public place.


I don't know how one would define public place in escort language. However, if you were to meet him in a lobby of a hotel of your choosing, considering all the security cameras in most hotels, I think that if the guy showed up, you would be relatively safe. If someone else showed up, it is unlikely the person would cause a scene in a public place. You could leave without any confrontation from the switched escort.


Have you given any thought to meeting him as he offered - in a public place ?


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