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A Virgin In Fort Lauderdale

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just back from my first ever visit to FLL and wanted to start a new thread with emphasis toward the basics for others who might visit the clubs for the first time...thanks to BVB, Richard, Jake and any others who have more experience at these clubs and have other threads here.....being a fairly simple desert-dweller, pardon me if I sound a bit like a "newbie" to the scene at times.....


first, being more into masculine, worked-out guys, I did not go to Johnny's, feeling it apparently leans more toward the twink side.....


arrived at Boardwalk about 8:30pm last Thursday night.....walked past the small outdoor bar/food area and right into the main bar, which is perhaps 50' x 35' (?) ...no apparent cover and no staff at the front counter to check me over - no problem....the place was not busy and I found a bar stool at the back bar area that afforded me a good view of the entire room....shirtless Jason, manning the bar, was friendly and helpful and, in fact, was practically in better shape than any dancer..."not my thing", he said, when I asked why HE wasn't up there dancing, but he certainly did have some regular customers to schmooze with....dancers here at Boardwalk have underwear of various styles on and rotate thru four spots in the bar during their dance rounds....you're very free to walk up and do the usual tipping in their underwear band and most/some seem happy to give a peek....along one wall are doors to a bathroom (with an attendant), a storage area, and the privates area.....Adam from Spain, mentioned by Richard in another thread, very quickly caught my eye with his masculine looks, in-shape body, and flattering underwear....after tipping him during a dance, he came by and we negotiated a private, with Adam remaining appropriately discreet, despite my questioning, about how it would go....the androgynous privates-room attendant, mentioned by Richard in that same post, seems to be back and is still very interested in his smartphone...my friendly greeting and thanks to him were met with utter disinterest - what a stick he is.....once I had his trust, the private with Adam was perfect and just what I wanted, even knowing there are limits....much has been discussed about recent changes in the privates area (I've never seen what it used to be), but the cubicles seemed fine to me as the dancer acted, in a way, as the now-missing "curtain" and the area was fairly dark, especially at the back....I also had an excellent private with Marcus, from the far-away land of Jacksonville....he's well-built, masculine, and very friendly.....$5 of the privates fee goes to the androgynous goon.....when not dancing, the dancers may grab a smoke, mingle thru the crowd, or approach you for some business.....my domestic bottles of beer seemed to be about six or seven bucks....overall, lots of dancers, casual vibe, very easy place.....wish it had been busier for the dancers, who have to pay to work there....by 10:30-ish, when I left for Swinging Richards, there were not a whole bunch of customers


drove north up Andrews several miles to Swinging Richards in more liberal, apparently, Pompano Beach....watch out for the railroad track as you approach the club!!.....fenced parking area and much more of a big-deal-looking building than Boardwalk....paid my $10 cover, walked in, and, boom!, three fantastic-looking dancers up on stage slowly stripping to complete nudity.....like Boardwalk, it wasn't busy, so I found a table right next to the stage and pretty much stayed there all night watching!.....didn't even get a beer....certainly much more of a showroom atmosphere than Boardwalk, several dancers are always up on the center stage getting naked.....some with cockrings, others not.....most of the dancers are entirely masculine and not painfully young....majority non-American....tip these guys in their arm or leg bands, unlike Boardwalk where you tuck a tip in their underwear.....there is some $10 wristband policy for privates that confused me and there's also a very private area for fairly big bucks....but with full nudity right there on stage, my needs were met without having to resort to a private!!.....I stayed late and the place nearly emptied out of customers....the dancers got pretty casual and goofy by then and I don't blame them since it was so quiet.....felt sorry for the guys.....exhausted all my remaining cash on a few guys who sparked my interest - quicky little "shows" right there at the table since nudity is legal here.....met a very friendly and casual blond from Montreal (no cockring), an incredibly good-looking, well-built dark guy from Argentina (cockring), and an all-American-looking, blond-ish, beefy guy (no cockring)....


for my first time at these places, I had a blast....I know long-time patrons lament recent changes and wonder about the future of these clubs, but, for me, as a one-time visitor, it was a good value....

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