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Puerto Vallarta

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After a few days of biz in Mexico City next week, I'm stealing some "down time" in PV for 10 days......

This backpage guy says that he's living there for the next 4 months.....

I'm likely interested in making arrangements with him....

In advance, does anyone already have any experiences ? Thanks !!




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PV is crawling with working men -- both young and not so young. You really don't have to arrange anything in advance unless you absolutely know you want to hire the guy you found on Backpage.


Some guys may try to charge what they could in the U.S., particularly if they are advertising online, but it's easy to find someone for $100 or so for a quite satisfying encounter. My biggest problem is that in addition to the very handsome to average-good-looking guys, there are guys attempting to work who don't have much going for them physically (not in particularly good shape, not particularly handsome) and sometimes those guys are beyond persistent. I've had guys I wouldn't even want to have sex with for free continue to pester me off-and-on throughout various vacations, even with direct and explicit statements that I'm not interested in hiring them.


There are a couple of bars with go-go "boys." Typically the bars themselves are rip-offs in the sense that they overcharge for drinks and the dancers will attempt to manipulate you into buying expensive drinks for them and their friends. The tab can add up quickly. But if you have your wits about you, you can simply dismiss dancers who don't interest you and wait for someone who really gets you excited. I met the nicest, most handsome young man with a hot body and gorgeous cock who spent a couple of hours with me for $150 (after tip), a meeting I arranged after paying for a "private" at the bar. As far as I am concerned, private shows are generally more expensive than they are worth, but I went into it thinking it would be a good way to negotiate an off-site meeting with him.

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I don't believe I could or would ever be convinced and/or manipulated into buying drinks for a guy ( & his friends !!!).....it would absolutely always be my own idea & something that I would have decided that I wanted to do.....yes, I'm aware that PV can be a relatively easy town for finding working guys.....the backpage man looks hot ( to my eye).....once I learn a bit more about him ( either from him directly or friendly words here), I'm fine with paying whatever he is charging (within reason)....I'm not a bargain shopper when hiring for encounters....I like quality men & I'm fine with paying for quality with no regrets. I'm also really not that much of a bar / club-going kind of guy.....& not interested in spending too much of my time in those places....for better or worse, for the most part, my hires are guys who advertise......not guys I find out on the "street"....(of course there was the HOT straight guy I picked up on a downtown Chicago street, but that's another story :) ).....and as was mentioned in another thread elsewhere about my foray into Mexico City.....we are dealing with Mexico here which can have some of its own inherent dangers which always need to be somewhere in one's thoughts & actions....

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