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A Movie To Skip

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If, like me, you are a fan of the actor Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, then you might be interested to know that he has a new movie out. You might have even seen the ads where he looks rather cute in a bike helmet. Stop there!

If you are used to seeing Joseph Gordon-Leavitt in rather brainy pictures, you will want to skip Premium Rush. If you just want to see a good move, brainy or not, skip Premium Rush.


I realize that we are a group of men who want to see for ourselves rather than take someone else's word for it, but I am simply wanting to save you the $10 to $14 bucks* it might cost to see this bad movie. Joseph plays a bike messenger in New York. Yes, there are chases and accidents, but they aren't very exciting. Most of them are imagined.


The plot might grab you if it was any good...or even slightly brainy. But, it is so stupid. There are these cardboard character bad Chinese guys and a really stupid cop who has gotten himself into hock playing mah jong in Chinatown backrooms.

And no, he is not Chinese. The movie consists of his scheme to get some easy money from a piece of paper the bike messengers are delivering.


We are supposed to care about one character and her effort to get her child back. I didn't, and I doubt that you will either. Right now I just want Joseph Gordon-Leavitt to go back to playing in brainy movies. He has now seen what it is like to sell out and make some money. that should be the end of story. I hope that it is.


*I paid the senior rate- $7.50, so not a great loss.

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