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while perusing the Phoenix RB pages, found this dude....




what do you make of this?....and he needs car service, to and fro....


watching his youtubes on another of his pages, I think he's going to be just too cool for me to keep up....


Pretty incredible!


And for that amount of money, you're not supposed ot have any expectations:If you put restraints on me for expectations and I put restraints on you for expectations, we would both end up more than likely disappointed. I don't think I could manage that!

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thanks, jgoo....I guess if you call asking for Chad Anthony, you can get the 10K rate and if you ask for Chad Michaels, you get the lower rate....probably an entirely good guy who just took a Marketing 101 class and is testing the status factor/prestige value concept.....


yeah, seeker, that "no expectations" disclaimer is too much....ha!

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Chad started advertising his services on Craig's List about five years ago at about $150.00 an hour with serious discounts for multiple hour or extended appointments. He has advertised in Los Angeles , San Diego , and Las Vegas (amongst other places). I've met him a couple of times over the years (at much lower rates--no more than $200.00 per hour and about $800 for an overnight) and have been very, very satisfied. Interestingly enough, his current mode of transportation is an old American Eagle (think Continental Trailways) interstate bus that he has converted into a travelling home (and he does entertain in it, too). I think, but am not sure, that he also has a motorcycle to get around on when not driving the bus (can you imagine a bus pulling up in front of your home or hotel??). Again, Chad is a very nice young man trying to make it in Hollywood and elsewhere, but the $10,000.00 fee is purely for laughs. I do wish him well, but hope that he (and his fee) comes down to earth quickly and realistically.

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