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Angst Support

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(The following is meant to be a joke and is meant for entertainment purposes only)


Hi, my name is Gcursor and I'm an angst-addict. (HI GCURSOR!) It started out when I started watching epiosdes of SUPERNATURAL I always wondered how peoople could go through these terrible events and still manage to go on. But it was so d**ned addicting! At first, I was watching just an episode now and then. Then I was watching 2 or 3 a weekend and then it happened..I went through all 7 seasons in a period of a few weeks. I felt relieved and so very ashamed


Of course, now that Supernatural is on hiatus, I haven't had any ANGST to watch. Oh sure..you can try to watch a vampire angst show or a reality-tv angst show or many others but it doesn't feel the same..you never truly forget what your first angst is.


That's why I like Daddy's ;) Everytime I come out here, I can find some angst. At first, I felt rather guilty because of all the angst that I was consuming. Of course, now I can see that that was where everything started to go wrong. I started to survive solely on a diet of pure angst with nothing else to support me. When Daddy's wasn't enough then I started fights with the McDonald's drive-thru person and getting upset with random food products at the grocery store. At first, I thought I could control my angst obsession but not any more.


Very soon, I'll be joining an angst support group. I'm not sure what it will do but I hope that it will get me back to where I used to be. Don't be like me: remember that angst is a dangerous thing and can prove to be very addicting!

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