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The X-Men Take on 47,000 Moms

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Fresh off their failed campaigns against JCP (for daring to have Ellen as their spokesperson) and Modern Family, the conservative hate group 47,000 Moms (Actually Misnamed One Million Moms and having a majority of men on their board) has launched a campaign against DC and Marvel comics for having gay characters.


Former Alpha Flight member and current XMan Northstar will be marrying his longtime partner in the next issue of Astonishing Xmen. Marvel just concluded the blockbuster mini-series Avengers: The Childrens' Crusade which not only features the redemption of the Scarlet Witch, but it also confirms that Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed are the children of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch (as well as being Magneto's grandsons). Wiccan has a boyfriend on the team anmed Hulkling, a shapeshifter who is the son of a Skrull princess and Captain Mar-Vell. Issue #9 featured Teddy (Hulkling) proposing to Billy (Wiccan) and also a full panel kiss.


Over at DC, Dan Didio announced that a major DC character would be coming out of the closet. The character has not yet appeared since the DC Universe was rebooted last year, but it should be interesting. DC's most prominent gay character is Batwoman, aka Kate Kane. Others include Flash ally the Pied Piper; Shrinking Violet and Lightning Lass of the Legion; Midnighter and Apollo of StormWatch.


This campaign will be as ineffective as every other they've launched and will likely help to sell a lot of comics.

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DC Comics announced that the prominent gay character is none other than the Green Lantern of Earth 2, Alan Scott. 47,000 Moms launched an attack on their facebook page. The pro-DC posts were so overwhelming that 47,000 Moms shut down their page. They also did this during their ill fated campaign against JCP and Ellen.

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