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Art House Movie

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Whoever suggested that films could not be discussed in this forum simply was not paying attention. We've been talking about them all along, lately Argo and Lincoln, but also Magic Mike and others. I started a thread on My Week With Marilyn, others discussed The Artist, John Carter, Tinker...Soldier Spy, The Lucky One. Albert Hobbs got good attention. So it's nothing new. As this thread by Cash4Trash shows, some artistic value in the movie makes it more appealing for the forum.

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If you're into the art movie scene and enjoy foreign film it's already been a very good year.


1) A Separation

2) Monsieur Lazhar

3) Once Upon A Time In Anatolia

4) Post Mortem

5) Elena


At least two of those were from last year. A SEPARATION won last year's Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Highly recommended.

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All the movies which Cash lists are dated 2011, except Post Morten, which is a 2010 movie. That doesn't mean they necessarily came to the theater in his neighborhood in those years. And if we are going to be picky on the year a movie came out, Guns of Navarone is 1961, not 1962.

Operalover, you wre also quick ocorrect that Sally Field is that and not Sally Fields. Yet you state this on how you came to watch Guns of Navarone:

"One of the joys of torrenting and filesharing is that you can pluck just about any movie you'd like to see out of the either and watch it at home in your screening room anytime you'd like."


You don't pluck a movie out of the "either." Perhaps ether might work there. My point is not to be so quick to correct minor errors when you make plenty of them yourself.

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Both of the films operalover references were released in 2011 for Oscar qualifying runs but only went into general distribution this year.


I live in New York, so I saw them both in the fall of 2011. So that's when they were released. The fact that the rest of the country doesn't get them until 2012 doesn't change their release date. I'm just saying.

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