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Green Day's American Idiot and Billy Elliot

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The BF and I went to see these shows here in Los Angeles this week. Tuesday evening was American Idiot and last night was Billy Elliot.

Both these touring companies are here in L.A. for only a short time.

I was apprehensive about American Idiot. I am after all 117 years old and have little in common with the generation that this show is about. The first ten minutes for me was "hope I can make it til intermission". After that I was hooked. Yeah, some of the music is headbanger stuff but some is surprisingly lovely acoustical ballads, and all of them contain melodies. Some of the songs I even recognized (thanks to listening to Sirius On Broadway). The performances were all very strong, with lots of energy and a deftness in playing the audience that one would not expect in kids so young. Well, I liked it a lot, and am glad I decided to go and not give our tickets away. And yes I made it to the intermission (it is performed without one).


As for Billy Elliot, I have been looking forward to seeing this show for a long time and I wasn't disappointed. The Elton John score doesn't contain as many hummable hits as his previous shows, but they move the plot along and after all the songs are there to serve the dancing. And what dancing. I am told the kids only perform 2 shows a week due to child labor laws. The cast we saw was amazing. Our Billy was 13 and he lit up when he danced. The dream ballet was eye popping. The cross dressing number was so much fun to watch and those boys clearly were enjoying every step. Our Billy came alive the most tho when he tapped. He loves to tap.

We both enjoyed this show.


Significant perhaps of nothing, but both shows used a vivid red grand drape with gold fringe at the bottom. We both wondered what the odds were of seeing two shows within two days at two different theaters and seeing the same grand drape.

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Jackhammer, thanks for the reviews. I am pleased to see the Comedy & Tragedy forum thriving with several people participating and all of us getting along.

So, congratulations to you and the other participants here.

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