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Outrage Over Stylebook Change: Hopefully

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Sticklers for grammar are outraged that the Associated Press has changed its rule on the use of the word "hopefully." Historically, the word has been approved only for use to modify a specific word, not an entire sentence. Hopefully, this argument can be resolved peacefully.

Should you be one who is a stickler for proper grammar, or simply one who laments the fall of good grammar in today's internet, tweeting society, you may find today's column by New York Time's elder statesman on words Clyde Haberman useful or at the least interesting. "Language", Haberman says, "is the soul of a culture.":



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Grammar itself is a useful tool for understanding a living language. Unsurprisingly, grammarians themselves prefer to wield their scapels on an unresisting corpse. Hopefully, English will survive their efforts to pour formaldehyde into its veins.




We own the language, not tight sphinctered grammarians.


Beware all school marms!

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