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Documentary: Bully

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I did a search and found no other posts on the documentary Bully, which has received some press for its rating problems.

This afternoon I saw it, and I think it is a horrible way to convey the problem of bullying. Most people, especially students, will be asleep within a half hour.


The movie is done by telling short vignettes about individual cases, and not always starting at the beginning or finishing the tale before moving on.

There are some poignant tales to be told, I just think the movie makers botched them- for the most part. And that clause is important, because you can

find some things of value in the story, but you have to do the work, and most students watching won't.


Scenery seems to be important to the film makers too, and that's kind of wasted. If I were doing the movie, I would have maybe five power points

to get across about bullying, and I would make sure that each story related to a point I wanted to make. This documentary is all over the place and does

not have a coherent point of view, although one gathers that bullying is wrong.

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