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Why Didn't I think of That.

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Used to use them a lot to tie down the trunk when transporting thing in the trunk of the car. Now that I am totally settled in my condo, didn't know what I was going to do with the numerous extra cords. NOW I DO!

Thanks Doit.


Boston Bill

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Bungees can be dangerous


never thought of using bungee cords for restraints so easy and simple and no explanations needed for having them around...


Bungees are fun, and very useful for bondage. But they can also be quite dangerous.


I may sound overly cautious but believe me I have used bungee cords and various elastic and rubber straps quite a bit.

Have used them for bondage but also used a variety of bungees a few hundred times in an unrelated but very real world use.


When tying someone up or strapping something down it is easy to accidentally let go of the bungee, or for the bungee to fail, or the hook to slip.

When that happens you might be surprised at the force with which the bungee might hit you or your playmate. The hook at the end of the bungee OR

an even larger piece of hardward then becomes a potent flying projectile.

Often when the elastic item is wrapped around someone or something and when it lets lose it unwraps or rebounds and will do unexpected things

to your back, face, window, laptop, or other critical or tender spots.


I've seen and even suffered some quite painful (and bloody in one case) injuries from a bungee that either failed or slipped from someones grip.

Amazingly the first whack is sometimes followed by multiple recoil/rebound whacks which can really add insult to injury.


Always insure that there is either parallel/secondary strands holding the hook/end/bungeed item or use a non stretchy rope with some carefully measured slack as a limit.


Okay so be really careful especially if you are using them under moderate to extreme tension, for suspension, primary restraint, or in situations where even rope might be dangerous, such as places it could slip and tighten on airways, pressure or pulse points, tender parts etc.


Now where they are fun and can be carefully used rather safely is in some cool predicatment bondage. Where the stretchiness can

actually be a safety feature as for example to allow an amount of give when one has connected one appendage or nipples to another appendage.

Normally the pain, discomfort, or even stimulation of pulling (to relieve some other discomfort) acts as a limit, hence the "predicatment".

But if the sub were to jerk suddenly, pass out, fall down or just go numb then the elastic "give" acts as a sort of safety release.


Ok, bungees are fun and they come in every color and size imaginable. But also as netting, and in widths that are less likely to leave marks or injure.

It is easy to make cool bungee cords out of bicycle inner tubes and even just use the tubes whole. But be careful of the valve stem which can often be cut off or pulled out.


But perhaps my favorite stretchy bungee-esque restraints are large, usualy black, rubber O rings used in sewer pipe, storm drain and water main pipes.

I have ones I've collected that range from a quarter inch to an inch in thickness and from half a foot to longer than 15 feet.

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I am tempted to say... "Raul, you're no fun!" However, I and many others certainly know that is emphatically not the case! LOL! Still, this gets us to the "essence" of Raul G. Manzo: sensible fun, knowledge-based fun, imaginative fun, and yes, even fun based on the simple things in life such as a plain old inner tube or a lowly O ring! Gotta love ya!

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