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West Side Bar – the real resurrection

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I tried the West Side on my first trip to Montreal about 18 months ago. At 11 pm on a weeknight there were 3 dancers and I was the only customer. Two of the dancers were pudgy and out of shape, and one was noticeably drunk.


I recently went back for the first time since then, drawn by the news that the bar had new management, and that Corey, whom I had met at Campus, was now dancing there. What a change! The room has been revamped and the bar moved to the back wall, leaving more space for tables. The stage setup is second only to that at Stock, close to the audience with lots of room for the dancers to strut their stuff. Philip, a friendly, talkative former Campus dancer, was the waiter; he and the barman periodically put out bowls of freshly popped popcorn.


And there were dancers – 7 of them on a Tuesday night. Apart from Corey, who’s been described before in the MC, there were 3 cute, slim 19-year olds: blonds Pablo and Kevin, and Safir, who was and looked Algerian. Slightly more solid, but still young and boyish was Martin. All would have fit right in at the old Taboo. Pascal was a little more muscled, and a touch older; about 23. And finally, Mickey, the tallest of the bunch. All of them danced with real energy and creativity.


When I arrived around 10 pm, there were about 5 customers. But there was no dead time on the stage, and the dancers were happy to talk with me, either alone or in groups, without pressure to go to the back. Corey told me that business tended to pick up after 11, and sure enough, by the time I left at 11:30, there were probably 15 customers.


I tried a few dances with Pablo, who rose to the Campus backroom standard. The booths themselves are perhaps a touch less private than those at Campus (something like the ones at Stock without the curtains), but certainly much better than Adonis or Taboo.


I didn’t get back to West Side a second time, but it’s unlikely that what I saw on a Tuesday night was an aberration. I’d strongly encourage people to try it out. It’s a real boon later in the evening for those who don’t like the muscled types at Stock and Campus.


West Side’s hours have changed: they now open at 7 pm (and close at 3 am) every day of the week. Ladies’ nights are still Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I believe. The easiest way to find it is to take the orange line métro (from Berri-Uqam if you’re in the Village) to the Square Victoria station. Follow the signs containing the words “Beaver Hall” to an exit. When you emerge from that exit, the West Side will be directly across the street from you.

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Great Report, Thanks! I was there last month and this is what I found:


I visited West Side during my last visit and found its a great bar. Nicer, classier, not smoky like the bars in the Village. It was also the only bar I didn't feel like a piece of meat surrounded by swarming sharks. The few dancers give a client his space and don't seem desperate for a dance or drink from him. I noticed that if a dancer is with or talking with a client the other dancers respect that and don't move in to grab him if the dancer gets up to use the restroom or whatever. I liked that!


No name change, its still West Side and it's known that Stock now owns it but there seams to be nothing more to say about it.


Corey is there and looking better that ever :9 He also seems to have learned a lesson after burning his bridges in the village and is now paying his dues and paving the way for a come back. Went to see him several times. The kids adorable! :p


Another cutie is Frank. This guy has very Mediterranean French looks and about 21ish with a nice lean body.


There were a few others on other nights but I go just for Corey and the nice ambiance. ;)

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