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The Neo Picture - A Timeline And My Final Thoughts

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TonyTender posted the following:



I ran across a photo of Neo from a website in Hungarian. His looks were rather young and he went by a different name. I refrain from posting this because I think it is his real name. He was a hottie male whatever back in the old country too. He looked better back then than now.



At the suggestion of hed4str8 and myself in the public forum TonyTender sent me the picture.


I then publicly stated:



I will try my best to share but I am a person of picture ethics. If TT says I can show all I will. If he tells me to block out something I will. However, if I find the website before he does (and I have all of my squires working on it) then everyone will see everything.



I smudged out all of the identifying information. To me, it looked like a credible ad. Though it wasn’t similar to the American ads Denise puts out in NEXT, etc, it still looked kosher to me.


Then I received the following question from woop4me2:



At the request of NEO, who is email-less , please remove his photo from the site.

I know for a fact that the ad was published on a Hungarian website. This ad was done about a year or so ago. The ad was not Neo's doings but from a disgruntled old Girl friend.



Here is part of what I sent to woop4me2:



I am carbon copying this reply to your message to Tony Tender (as you

addressed the message to the both of us) and Cooper because I can't remove

the picture due to the fact my original message is past my edit time limit.

I did reply to some of your message below.

First of all, it is obvious that these are all modeling photos Neo posed

for. Secondly, I am sure, even in Hungary, there are lawyers, rules,

policies, etc? It seems to me the ad has been around for some time. It also

seems that "Neo" would have some legal recourse against his ex for allowing

his likeness to be used in a travel ad .. especially one that has an email

and street address. It's on the Internet because of that site. Neo should

be addressing his concerns to them or a lawyer to go after the girlfriend.

In essence, we are seeing the ad because of him.



Then I contacted a good friend who I knew could confirm all of this. My friend told me that, indeed, this picture/ad of Neo was out there due to the actions of an angry ex.


After giving this some thought, and putting my personal displeasure of Neo aside, I felt it was the right thing to do to ask Cooper to remove it.


I have posted MANY pictures of MANY G dancers. I have never received a request to remove a picture or stop what I am doing. As a matter of fact, I have received a few “thank you VDNs” from some performers who love the FREE publicity.


Would I have rather had Neo contacted me instead of woop4me2? Yes. This whole incident REEKS of schoolyard tattle telling.


To be completely honest, I still don’t believe the whole psycho ex-girlfriend story. But I trust my friend who confirmed it for me. I believe Neo’s ex was a psycho. However, I feel Neo knew about the ad. Then again I could be wrong … very wrong. I also feel Neo has an awful attitude and he needs to stop dancing nude for men if he finds it so distasteful.


In closing, I requested the picture to be removed at the request of woop4me2 on Neo’s behalf. At first I believed the story. Now I feel it is a case of Neo having his cake and eating it too. But, I could be, and I am probably, wrong.


Above everything else, I have too much respect for Cooper. I know him outside of this e-realm. I don’t want any action I take to cause him any stress whatsoever. When I disagree with his policies I let him know. I am not mindless or a lemming. I just don’t do it in public out of respect for our friendship. In addition, it seems the Gaiety Mafia were mounting a strike. The printing of this forum needs to stop. We, as a community, need to be self-protective and not tolerate people who are Denise narks. She has run the Gaiety the same way for many years. She doesn’t need, or care for, a Gaiety website. And if the performers want me to stop they can e-mail me.


I have rambled here. I know some of you will totally disagree with me. That’s fine. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew all sides to this Linda Tripp incident.

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This is exactly the problem, and exactly what I think stinks about the whole Neo issue. Many, many, Gaiety dancers do not like thier pictures being posted on this forum. But many more dancers never see this forum, and don't care. Many dancers would ask to have thier pictures removed if they knew how they could do it. Many dancers don't ask because they think the ensuing controversy would casue them more bad publicity, and it is easier and better just to let it pass. Some dancers do like the free publicity.


The reason that this Neo thing stinks so bad is that this WhoopMe character is deciding what should be posted on this forum. Now if Neo's picture is out on the public Internet, and you found it, then the picture is fair game to be posted. You were responsible and removed possible real names or phone numbers, and that is OK.


The problem is that Neo is a contrversial Gaeity performer who has long had a very bad reputation as a bad dancer, a bad private, a bad DJ and not a very nice person. He is however, a favorite employee of Denise, so he works in many capacities at the Gaiety often. By posting his pictures other new Gaiety patrons could be warned about this character. But for some crazy whoop me reason, Neo is above being exposed on the forum.


VDN, remember this forum exists for benefit of the clients and patrons, not for the beneift of the dancers. We should be honest in our evaluations, and there are many different tastes and demands in our universe, but we should also be honest about the true hustlers, and try to save our colleagues from bad experiences. Neo is almost always a bad experieince, and by showing his picture (which can be found on the public Internet, youcould save other clients from a bad experience. But for some reason Neo, a known hustler and bad performer, escapes honest treatment on this board. If Neo were a good performer he would not have objected to his picture being posted.


And exactly what is the chain of command here? "I know someone who knows someonew who's cousin has it on good authority that...."

This is all way too junior high schoolish. Grow up. This Whoop Me character is somehow trying to suck up to Neo and to Denise, for what reasons, I don't know. But he has dragged VDN and Cooper down into his eighth grade chidishness.


VDN, if you and Cooper had any balls, you would re-post the Neo picture. Let him reap what he sows.

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Thanks Paul.


You can now see why it is important to keep this Neo info in front of the public every time he is on stage.


I don't call it a Neo vendetta, just a continual reminder for the TT buyer beware program.

I would say the same things if Vince returned to the stage. He is on my "near miss" black list of bad private dancers too. x(

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To TT ... I thank you.


To kjun ... who were you praising for their "than/then" prowess?


To Paul Revere,


You made awesome points and you really gave me some things to ponder. Closed minds never learn, therefore, that is why I try to keep an open one. Thank you for sharing your frank and very candid thoughts on the matter.


VDN :-)

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>You can now see why it is important to keep this Neo info in

>front of the public every time he is on stage.


>I don't call it a Neo vendetta, just a continual reminder for

>the TT buyer beware program.

>I would say the same things if Vince returned to the stage. He

>is on my "near miss" black list of bad private dancers too. x(



Weekend weather will be partly cloudy, windy and cold with a chance of NEO in the forcast.


Please bring in all your pets and children indoors and proceed to the lowest level of you home or office. STAND UNDER DOORWAYS WHENEVER POSSIBLE


TO ALL NEW-BEES, please read the earlier post about NEO. For your own good.



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