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Monday's 1:30 Show:


1) Hugo - swimmer's build, from Montreal

2) JD - muscular, from Miami

3) Vince - tight lean body

4) Johnny Rico (aka Johanny) nice athletic build, will only be dancing today

5) Paul - from Florida, toned and slender

6) Raphael - beefy, muscular Hungarian

7) John Paul - first time Gaiety dancer from Chicago, slim and tight


The Featured Dancer, Enzo Pileri, was not at the 1:30 show but is rumored to be arriving sometime tonight. Check him out at http://musclehunks.com/enzo/index.htm

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Good mix of slim, swimmer builds (Paul, Raphael and John Paul), jocks with muscle (Hugo and Johnny) and muscle boys (JD, Vince and Raphael). JD has a ripped body and a good show, Raphael has a wrestler's build, and Vince has a surfer boy look with a defined body (great smile). Enzo will add a bodybuilder to the show. Has Enzo performed at the Gaiety before? Any private experiences to share?

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"Good mix of slim, swimmer builds (Paul, Raphael and John Paul), jocks with muscle (Hugo and Johnny) and muscle boys (JD, Vince and Raphael)."


Not exactly a good mix of body types. The 1:30 show had mostly slender, tight builds with the exception of JD and Raphael who were bigger and more muscular. I won't consider Vince of Miami a "muscle boy". He's lean and tight. I think Enzo Pileri will definitely add some muscle to the lineup, that's if he arrives, plus, he's never danced at the G to be reviewed.


The new dancer, John Paul from Chicago, put on a good show for a 1st timer and showed off an impressive sized cock during his 2nd song. His looks might not be considered the typical G-type, but his equipment looked just fine.


For the past 2 weeks, Raphael of Stock has been rumored to be in the lineup. I called him today and asked what's up. He told me he was scheduled for last week but had problems leaving Canada. He wanted to dance this week, but the lineup was full. No date for his return is scheduled.


If anyone should catch a later show staring "featured dancer" Enzo Pileri, please post your reactions.

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First off, thanks to "likembig" for his early posting of today's lineup. His descriptions are right on target.


As for today's show, patrons have mixed opinions on the importance of a good stage performance. I for one like to be entertained and enjoy watching a dancer who does more than just strut his stuff. Dancers like Shane Rollins, GQ, Ben Versace, Antonio, GioSolo, Drako, William, Eduardo, etc. are examples of those who put time and effort into entertaining the patrons with their remarkable talents. The more muscular dancers entertain us by posing and flexing their amazing muscles. With that in mind, today's was not an entertaining show.


1. HUGO: a youthful, good looking dancer from Canada who only dances/escorts while at the G. He entered wearing a black t-shirt that read "F**K ME I'M FAMOUS". :-) HUGO, can put a smile on anyone's face. He enjoys being on stage, always displays a big smile, and makes great eye contact. He has dark hair/eyes and a tight swimmers build. His dance style is stiff, jerky, and fun to watch. HUGO enters for his second song with a rock hard, good sized cock, and a smooth butt. He runs his hands all over his body and stokes his cock which stayed erect for most of his show. Good opener.


2. JD from Miami. Like HUGO, he only dances/escorts while at the G. He has dark hair and eyes, is on the short side, has a muscular build with ripped abs, pumped pecs, and broad shoulders. He has very good looks and appeared comfortable on stage. He has one stage move that I found funny. He gets down in a push-up position then lifts one leg, like a dog, as if he's taking a pee. :-) Unfortunately, his 1st number was interrupted by technical difficulties in the dj's booth. His song kept stopping, after 3x's the lights went dim. JD has a nice bubble butt and an average size cock. Personally, I liked him.


3. VINCE from Miami. He was in the weekend lineup. He's a good looking, youthful dancer with blue eyes and blond hair, sides shaved and combed flat down on the top. He entered for his 1st song just wearing jean, (nice approach). He's slender with a tight defined build, small erect nips, and seems to be always smiling/laughing. I heard one patron call out "you're cute", that really made him happy. He's a slow dancer who likes to look up at the lights while stretching his arms up trying to reach them. Second song he enters wearing flip-flops. He has a thin dick, small balls and butt. His body is completely shaved.


4. Johnny Rico (aka Johanny). He was today's understudy for missing featured dancer Enzo Pileri. He was only scheduled to dance the first two shows. I'll wait to review him when he returns for a full week.


5. PAUL from Miami. He made his G-debut this weekend. He's a youthful looking dancer who has dark hair/sparkling eyes and a tight, lean, defined build. His dance style is slow with lots of body stroking and rubbing. He drops to the floor and does some good rolling around moves while exposing his nice butt. Second song, he's not well endowed and loses his erection quickly. He does more erotic moves on the floor.


6. RAPHAEL from Toronto/Hungary. He had the biggest build in this lineup, plus the biggest uncut cock and fat balls. He was in the weekend lineup and put on a lively stage show. I could actually feel the floor shaking when he's dancing. RAPHAEL has dark hair/eyes, a beefy muscular build, and a large tattoo on his right upper arm. He has European good looks and maintains a serious look throughout his show. He also displays his acrobatic skills by doing a few back flips.


7. JOHN PAUL, from Chicago and making his G-debut. I spoke with JP before he went on stage. He told me he has danced only once before and that was at Madrigals. He's new to the action and was understandably nervous. I'm certain as he becomes more comfortable on stage his show will improve. JP entered stage wearing a baseball cap and very noticeably chewing gum (I guess to calm him down). He has dark hair that's spiked blond in the front and dark eyes. He's a tall Latino, very slender with a tight build. His stage show is mostly wiggling and rubbing his body. Second song he enters wearing a towel that's quickly dropped revealing a somewhat soft, but very long cock which he uses as a whip. I look forward to seeing it again hard.


It was disappointing to learn from management that featured dancer Enzo Pileri had missed his flight and wasn't scheduled to arrive till later this evening. This lineup could really have used a dancer of his caliber.

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Well no Enzo this evening but at the 8:30pm and 10 :30pm show, Marlone danced. This guy was absolutely incredible. Body and moves were great!!!


Did a private with JD. This guy's body is incredible...If you think he looks good on stage, he will blow you away up close !!! Flawless skin, very smooth, rock solid chest arms, legs, abs. Fucken incredible !!

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Not sure Johnny, but Im pretty sure that he is gonna be there all week. I am repeating what I heard from two of the dancers, but dont know if its for sure. These guys said that Enzo would not be here this week, and that is why they got Marlone...dont hold me to that, but thats what I heard

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Private review for Vince given ** out of *****


Most upsetting-it took me 3+ days for him to lower his prices down to 250. I will not pay over the 200. We finally made a deal where the extra 50 was negotiable.


This guy is very expensive for what he offers. NOT MUCH in the cock department. His cuteness made up for the dick size.


His interaction was good but did not go out of his way to make you happy. (could be due to the lower price he was paid) He is a friendly guy. I'll give him that.


Vince had to be told everything to do. NEXT do this Vince!


Oh No! I was in a bad private. HELP!


Hey Vince. Sorry but if you did this private as a slug, I had to write the review that way.


Clock watcher is no but call back is definitely no.


Patrons, if you want a cute guy that charges a fortune 300+ with not much cock to play with, be my guest x(


Vince is on the verge of being on my rip off black list. ONLY DUE TO THE PRICE HE IS TRYING TO CHARGE HIS CUSTOMERS.

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Paul is from the Miami area.


I had the pleasure of doing a private with him before the G crowd sets in. He is a friend of JD who will be dancing on Monday for all next week.


Paul is a very fun happy guy. His privates are really sexual. I would give him a **** TT rating if that is the measuring standard these days.


He takes his time and likes to get to know you before you dive in and enjoy. He is not a body builder by no means but slender with a 6" fat cock. He likes his ass licked and fondled as far as your straight dancer goes. He gets into it more so than your normal straight dancer I should say. or maybe he pretends to enjoy it very well. Great interaction during his performance.


He's a winner for privates.


Definitely would call him back for second helpings.


I am repeating my review of Paul on this string.

I had a second private with him. He is worth repeating.

See Paul for your money's worth.

HE ONLY CHARGES $200.00 :p

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Damn woopme !!!!


Good for you man!!!! I met the kid too and he seemed real cool. However, JD's body was the best so I had to be a sucker and spend the extra $50:-)


Yup, met Vince too and he could tell by my comments that $300 was just out of my league. He kind of stepped off to the side.


All of this makes me realize that it is what it is...a business...


HOWEVER, this is not really a business transaction for many, but just a way to get the most money that they can, and service be damned. Thats when I feel like a dick, but I just need to be less impulsive in the future.

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>"Not exactly a good mix of body types. The 1:30 show had mostly

>slender, tight builds with the exception of JD and Raphael who

>were bigger and more muscular. I won't consider Vince of Miami

>a "muscle boy". He's lean and tight. I think Enzo Pileri will

>definitely add some muscle to the lineup, that's if he

>arrives, plus, he's never danced at the G to be reviewed."


Saw Monday's evening show at 8:30 and I have to agree with Coop's characterization. Very little here if you like size. Even less if you like energetic shows. Maybe because it was Monday but this was one the few times I've been bored at the Gaiety.


JD has a nice muscular body and cute face but I think I'd like a bit more size down below to give up the bucks. And Vince? Tight defined muscle but small where it counts. Raphael had the total "package" of size above and below but I just didn't feel the heat. Maybe I've been spoiled by the steady stream of guys from Argentina over the past few weeks. Everyone else this week was too lean to even consider.

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I had the best time with Paul on a private. I plan to call him back. I must finish the meal that I started. Nice butt and interaction for 200. He charges extra for cumming. He shoots a giant load where ever you want him to.


I never had a private with TT's Neo. I think if Vince is close to making the TT rip-off black list he must be bad for the money. I can't afford to take that chance. I heard Vince is the only dancer this week that is charging such a high price. He is not that great looking either. Why charge so high Vince? What do you have to offer? Let me know what that is.


JD has the body of the week in my books. I plan to do a private with him tonight. I hope he will charge 200. Is he interactive more for 250? Anyone know this? His body is perfect enough for me to have him just stand in the corner of my living room nude for 200. JD can get away with charging a little more than Vince can.


I do not see where the average price went up to 250 lately. I've been paying 200 for the past 2 years. Most dancers have been taking the 200. I do privates on off nights when the theater is slower.


I think it would be best to list what the dancers charge for privates on this board. Everyone would know then. Public or pubic information for all to see.

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>the wall just watching the porno. While watching some guy came

>behind and got closer and closer. He was breathing heavy and

>asked "wanna come back to my room?" I was so freaked out but I

>responded as nicely as I could with a no thanks. I'm usually

>the youngest guy at the place (I'm 20) didnt know if i

>should've been flattered or freaked out. o wells


You should have responded with, "Yes. For $250 you can look at me while you "Box the Jesuit""


If you view life as an opportunity to make friends or a cash profit then the day will go faster.


VDN }(

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"I heard "Mikey Mike" the Gaiety Dancer formerly know as Brooklyn's Michael will be starting this Friday."


Thanks T-man for the update. I heard that NJ's twink Adam, the one who has the tattoo of the name "Jesse" around his belly, is also scheduled for the weekend. Looks like the local boys are being called in to kick off Thanksgivng week.

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Guest JohnPela

Friday Night Lineup Update:


Friday Night's Lineup of Guys(This was definitely Miami Night at the Gaiety):


1. Vince from Miami

2. JD from Miami

3. Oscar (new) hot latino

4. Paul from Miami

5. Raphael from Toronto/Hungery

6. Christian (hot latino)

7. Fuzzy Michael from Brooklyn (a favorite local guy)

8. Marlone- the Mahogany of the Gaiety (big, dark, rich and exotic) [And a really fun, nice guy... trademark big dick & being able to suck himself]

9. Mark from Stock

10. Ray from Brazil via NYC

11. Miguel very hot latino from Miami

12. Steve scheduled to come from chicago but got fogged in tonight (scheduled rest of this weekend once he arrives)


So even if its a cold NYC night or day and you want to get hot and feel like your having fun in sunny Florida, specifically Miami, then apparently the Gaiety is the place to go...

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RE: Friday Night Lineup Update:


JP: thanks for the quick posting of tonights lineup. Imagine, you were able to post a message in this forum without mentioned you know who's name. :-)


You're absolute right about the boys from Miami taking over the G this weekend, everyone had such great tans and sand between their toes.


Mark of Stock said he's only in for the weekend and Miguel (new) from Miami will be in for the week.


Anyone know what happened to Hugo?

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RE: Friday Night Lineup Update:


Whatever the overall effect of this weekend's line up, it's GOTTA be an improvement over Thursday--which was very mediocre indeed. Passing through town, I made the mistake of bringing along a friend who'd never been to the Gaiety before. BIG mistake! Only the humpy Hungarian, Raphael, helped the place live up to its glittering reputation, I'm afraid.


(I share Cooper's amazement at the self-control JP showed in his very timely & useful post. It must be some kind of first!)

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Guest JohnPela

RE: Friday Night Lineup Update:


>JP: thanks for the quick posting of tonights lineup. Imagine,

>you were able to post a message in this forum without

>mentioned you know who's name. :-)


Ben Versace

Ben Versace

Ben Versace

Ben Versace

Ben Versace


I feel better now that I posted this- I couldn't restrain myself anymore. ;-)

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