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Swinging Richards

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Guest msclonly

Parking across the street at Gilman's (same owners) $3.00

Entry fee $10.00

Beers $4.75

Drinks $8.75


Table Dances in Main Floor $10.00 PER person.

Table Dances in VIP lounge $20.00 PER person.


Access to VIP rooms monitored by GateKeeper, who takes the money upfront, and makes reservation for the seven VIP rooms, as a waiting line forms later in the evening.


Vip Room Rental

15 minutes----------$40.00 with $ 60.00 minimum to entertainer

30 minutes----------$65.00 with $100.00 minimum to entertainer

60 minutes---------$125.00 with $180.00 minimum tp emtertainer


Free bottle of Moet with the 60 minutes. I guess they

assume you will need it after you spent all your money.


Ca Ching! Ca Ching!



One GQQD thing is, that the show starts at 7:30 PM, so you can be home in bed by 10 or 11 PM. But on a busy nite, your name maybe way down the waiting list! :7 :-( :7 :+

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Guest msclonly

Friday 11/26 was a slow nite, since many went to have dinner with their family.

Saturday 11/27 was a bit better with a larger crowd.

Only a couple more guys, that stood out from the skinny to undeveloped ones.


The Main Room was very cold, and music TOO loud! I saw one dancer blowing into his cupped hands too warm up, while dancing. It was 40 degrees outside and a little more inside.

The VIP room was very warm.


Roving strob Lights do NOT shine on the guys, but on their legs. The stage is about 60 -70 feet long +- and two roving strob lights at the ends shine down at an angle but NOT on the upper body. The middle light roves around more on the floor, then the dancer. There really is NOT a good seat with that kind of lighting. The only worse lighting is at the Antropology in Peurta Vallarta, where the music is deafening and PAINFUL! I couldn't believe there would be another place, so far away with the same lousy lighting at any price.


There are NO over head lights on the stage except for some useless dim colored ones.


There are no Early Bird Specials to fill the place up on opening, when there are more lightweights on stage. One price for all.


Closed Sundays and Mondays. Mondays are available for private parties, but I can't imagine anyone being able to afford it other then the owners!


;( :7

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OK I guess I'll have to defend the club a bit after the previous post. I was there Saturday night.


-The lighting is good but no there is no "spotlight" on the dancers

-It wasn't as cold as described. I wore a fairly thin Crimson pullover and was fine

-The VIP lounge wasn't just warm, it was hot

-None of the dancers complained to me and I talked to quite a few of them

-There is an early bird special....they just don't advertise it. If you get there b4 8:00 you won't pay


As for the dancers Saturday night...the quality was good although I have seem larger numbers. Here is a brief, but not comprehensive list


1. Samson - perfect specimen. 28 yrs old. 5'9" 185 pounds of solid muscle. Dark hair, incredible eyes...Amazing physique. He just returned from some type of modeling/fitness competition in California where he did well. Great personality along with the muscular frame


2. Chipper - the 25 yr old great looking boy/jock next door type. Probably 6'1, 210 pounds.


3. Tyler - the most musclular guy at the club now. Cute and very good personality.


4. Dakota - cute guy. Fraternity boy hs jock look. He made the mistake of shaving his head. Probably will cost him 3K over the next 6 weeks. He should have shaved his ass


5. Gianni - very sexy 24 year old frat boy type. 5'10", 165 pounds. Very muscular legs. Don't care for the goatee but he's such a sexy guy it doesn't matter.


6. Shaun - cute twink type. Looks like he may be 21 yrs old. Would have gotten some table dances from him but he never came around to visit.


7. Evan - tall GA Tech student. Very nice guy, who also seems to be pretty bright.


8. Leo - very good looking thin guy. Dakota should have asked Leo about shaving his head. Leo could have warned him that a shaved head was probably going to cost him money.


9. Christian - I would offer good money if he would leave his clothes on.


10. Mario - very sweet Latin guy with a nice build


11. Enrique - a very cute Latin guy who needs to try moderation in terms of alcohol and abstinence with re: to weed, extacy and the other stuff.


12. Jada - a 6' all-american guy who grew up right here in Georgia. He has put on a little weight as of late but still looks good. He frequently wears a cowboy hat.


13. Star - imagine a Christoper Atkins blue lagoon clone


There were some others but they escape my memory at the moment.


A few other things....on the VIP prices, $60 minimum for the entertainer for 15 minutes is just that....the minimum. The standard is $100 to the entertainer and if you try to talk it down to $60, chances are you won't have as much fun.


At one point, all 7 VIP rooms were in use. One gentleman, apparently with a lot of cash rented a VIP room for an hour and had both Samson and Chipper to entertain him.


Oh, for those of you that visit....

--if you aren't getting table dances, please don't stand and stare in the VIP lounge. It's just rude.

--tip the dancers (a few ones won't break u)

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Guest msclonly

Agreed except for the unprofessional lighting.


I would hesitate to believe the use of horizontal strob lights has any forethought or 'ligthing' knowledge behind them. For one, the only way to avoid the glare of the strobs into the eyeballs is to look directly ahead from the sides of the stage. If you sit near the stage near either end, the lights are too bright and do not light up the dancer to a deceent level. But that maybe is by design to leave more to your imagination. You can't even call those strobs from the far ends as lighting for the dancers. More for their legs and feet, and the stage floor, especially the middle angled moving strob.


Some tungsten overhead stage lights (no strobs) at slight angles would go much further to enhance the bodies. And moderate lighting would be more then sufficient. As it is now, there are NO lights on the upper body, like the shoulders, chest, arms for the most part.

The FLAT lighting washes out a lot of the muscle seperation and abdominals!


I have reason to believe that gentleman did not get a 2-4-1,

so did he have to drink two bottles of Moet! :)

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Guest msclonly

The price the Dancer have to pay to entertain you!


GQQD for the house, bad for the player!


A little birdie told me the Dancers pay $85.00 for the weekend to

dance for your entertainment!


:7 :+ :7

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RE: The price the Dancer have to pay to entertain you!


I have been frequenting Swinging Richards for several years. I like the place. I enjoy meeting and talking with the different dancers. There is almost any type of guy you are looking for there. I do not really have a favorite type, as I tend to adjust to the person's personality. I have noticed one thing here over the past year. Almost any dancer will offer you a "more personal experience" outside the club. Some of their quotes on rates are higher than those charged by escorts on this site. One final question: Anyone know the pale freckled 22-23 year old cowboy type guy with the straw cowboy hat? His stage name is or was Brice, I've only seen him there once, but he was so sweet, very southern, and a real nice guy. I have been back several times in the past few years to see him again, but he was not there on those nights. Anyone know him or if he is still dancing? I'd like to tip him again. Thanks.

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Guest msclonly

A renovated Richards!


I paid a visit to Swinging Richards this weekend and surprised to find that it had been nicely redecorated enough to make it much easier to see the dancers. The center recessed ceiling was lined with a stainless steel and MUCH better lighting! It appeared that the lower ceiling around the center stage, where most people sit was also painted silver for a much lighter and inviting feeling. So overall there was a silver look to the place and the dancers stood out against it for easy viewing. A real improvement. Even the mood was more upbeat, and the music volume was no longer deafening or the bass distorted. It was a GQQD investment!


There seemed to be a lot of new dancers, many of whom were on the twink side. A couple of more athletic muscled dancers got the most attention with a lot bills stuffed into their arm bands. But no real bodybuilders were dancing on Saturday nite for the early Saturday nite crowd.

The best looking of the bunch was the new manager, and he seemed to know it, but kept very busy making everyone comfortable.



:+ :+ :+

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