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I have a question concerning tipping at teh Gaiety...since it seems to be all the rage! Do you tip after each number or at the conclusion of their set? I've only been there a few times and was thinking of going this weekend and want to sit in the front row (otherwise why go?) and I thought "Hmmmm, do I tip once or twice?"


And by the way, even though I don't have a lot of money, if someone is taking their clothes off on stage for my entertainment, I'm going to give a few bucks. I mean after all...I tip taxi drivers, the food delivery man, the butt waxer...why wouldn't I tip a performer who shows me his dick?






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Guest Tampa Yankee

Tip when you are moved to do so. When in attendance I usually tip on the second dance when the goods are put on display. However, when a first dance is a particularly good performance I have tipped to show appreciation. How else is the dancer to get feedback on how he is doing, especially when he is doing very well.

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