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There were more beautiful, handsome, cute, eager, willing, and fun dancers along Ste Catherine than ever before. I don't know if it is something in the water, or what. Every club is bursting with guys; they come from the city, the suburbs, all over Eastern Canada, and a couple of spectacular additions from Paris and Russia. The weather is gorgeous, the crowds are down, and the delights are available and hot.



STOCK - for those who enjoy gym bunnies in their 20s, this is definitely the place. Physically, the bar is the nicest - large, lots of seating most within 12 feet of the stage, the hunkiest waiters, continuous entertainment, the most vocal crowd for a great ambiance, and beautiful men dancing naked. The crowd is slow gathering every night, so after 10 is most fun. Lots of booths in the back room for special fun. But newcomers need to beware. This is the only bar in town where some dancers are less than totally honest. Dances are definitely, absolutely, really $10 each - do NOT accept anything else from any dancer. BUT. There are a couple of booths in back which have doors which close and presumably anything can go on behind these doors. For these only, the cost is $20/song. I did not use them, but other posters in this forum have commented. Usually you get no more than you would from a good dancer at $10. There may be exceptions.



CAMPUS. There is absolutely no doubt that if you like twinks and somewhat developed twinks, the greatest place in the world right now to see them, talk to them, feel them, and experience them up close is here at Campus in the afternoons from 3-9 p.m. The array of guys this past week was extraordinary; certainly the best they have ever had. Suggestions to newcomers: some of the dancers, who give wonderful private dances, do not circulate and come to your table. It's true. They may be shy or whatever. BUT they are eager to have customers and do private dances; that is how they make money. So all you have to do is go up to them, whether they are playing pool or talking with someone at the bar, and say "Excuse me, I'm interested in a private dance when you are free." They will ask where you will be seated, and they will come to your table shortly. It always works, and they are never upset or angry - they are happy. Do not wait for 3 or 6 or 10 songs IN CASE they will come to you; they won't. But it is no problem at all. To be very explicit - gorgeous Phil plays pool all the time when he is not dancing. But he is delighted if you come up and ask him, and he gives a wonderful private dance. Pascal, who should not be missed under any circumstances, tends to stay at the bar with one of the many customers he knows. But he is very happy to dance for you; no problem with approaching him. OK.


Gorgeous and great private dances (all $10): Phil, Pascal, Sylvester, Roberto, Daniel, Xavier, Fred, Ivan, Kenny, Chris, Etienne.


Brad Roux was there - kind of short and muscular and nice, with his shorts on. When he takes them off, watch out. You probably have seen his pictures on the web, but he carries an enormous club. He does not dance at the club a lot, but he is good.


Others who are good looking, but I can't report on privates: Sammy (who also dances at Gaiety in NYC), Ben, Jesse, Alex, Sebastian, David (from Russia and a professional dancer and older). Sylvester is doing a fascinating program, hanging from the steel supports at the front of the stage and involving flags. The audience breaks into spontaneous applause every time he does it, upside down.


I was there on Monday afternoon, a first for me, and I was worried since only six dancers are on until 6:00, when six more show up. But it was one of the best times ever: four of the dancers would have been on my top list, one more was also very good, and Pedro was the big muscular guy I could ignore. Pascal, Daniel, Etienne, Roberto, Sylvester. And if others get the kind of private dances I got, they will have to drag you to the airport to get you away. Incredibly good time.



TABOO . Without doubt, the best place at night is Taboo, and they have a huge number of very twinkish guys dancing right now, over 25 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which is audition night. They are definitely twinkish, on the slender and young side, although there were several nicely developed bodies also. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, most circulated and sat down and talked, and were very friendly. Monday night, when there were not a lot of customers, a group of six new young dancers sat together at a table and never circulated, and another four sat with a couple of regular customers. For newcomers: just walk up to anyone you are interested in and again simply say, "Hi, I'm interested in a lap dance when you are free" and the boy will be very happy. I did it twice just to check it out, and it is absolutely true. I think they are shy and lack both business and social skills. They do not lack the ability to show off their young bodies and give nice lap dances. The Ogre-at-the-Door blows hot and cold. On Friday and Saturday nights he bothered no one and practically anything went. On Sunday and Monday he appeared to be in a foul mood and was chastising all the time. You just have to realize you will probably be able to do less at Taboo than Campus. In response to comments by one of the newcomers that you can not touch and stroke dancers while they sit with you - this simply is not true. A number of dancers sat with me at various times and I could stroke their necks and backs and legs as much as ever and there was no problem at all. This is also true and a great pleasure at Campus. There are a number of new young dancers. These are the dancers I met (not all for private dances, unfortunately); they are not all there every night, but over a four night period, this is many, although not all, of the dancers I saw:


Anthony (very good lap dance), Pierre Luc, Francis (always good in back and nice to talk with), Vince (beautiful developed body, no little boy but student in early 20s), Diego (another developed body and the biggest dick of the group and very nice guy), Zack (formerly Damien but now with a nicely developed body and good lap dance), Damien (cute little ultra-twink), Kelly (formerly Dominic), John (new and very popular), Joey (great pole show), Sebastian, Simon (back and with a new non-haircut), Jeff, Derek, Jonathon (new, very handsome, dazzling smile, very popular in back), Kevin, Antoine (great pole dance), Carlos (sensuous and sweet), Alonzo (brand new and very handsome), Charles, CJ, Olivier (looks like the cute buy in HS you dreamt of having sex with; never takes off his glasses or black sox), Sean, Philip (new and waif like), Dan (tall and dark and dances well to salsa music), Dave, John 2, and Micael (wild dancing like Joey). There were several other relatively new guys, but I did not catch their names. Wonderful assortment and great times for FRI, SAT, and SUN.



ADONIS . Mixed bag. Friday and Saturday evenings they had some good looking guys of various shades of twink, the music level was not bad, and the crowd was pleasant. Sunday and Monday they were pretty much back to skanks. Pierre Fitch, formerly of Taboo and Stock, is now dancing there. He has a magnificent body. He is now an exclusive model for Falcon and has recently done several videos. He has a new bf, also a dancer at Adonis but I won't say which. He is very much in love, and it is doing wonderful things for him. He is nicer than ever, gentle, mellow, pleasant, and beams with pleasure when bf dances. Angel is a very pretty blond new boy from Paris. Beautiful twink and nice lap dance. Philip is a slender boy, very nice looking, who tries very hard to put together a good dance program, and it is nice. Jock, who is an exotic blend, with a nicely developed body and good presentation in the slow dance.



One final suggestion. The comments of several newcomers to Montreal indicated they did not invite any escorts to their hotels for full fun. Having an escort to your room, where you can enjoy full contact (or less, whatever you desire) is one of the great pleasures Montreal offers at a very reasonable price; I think you are missing very much if you do not take advantage. Some dancers at each club are available for privates at your hotel, but as a number of posters on this site have said, and I agree, a dancer is not the same as an escort, nor vice versa. Escorts come to your hotel prepared and eager to provide full services. Dancers are often a disappointment, limiting themselves basically to body worship = you can pet and you can suck, but they will not reciprocate orally and no anal. If you want to try a dancer, be absolutely specific about what you want to do. Dancers will usually ask $200 - $250, but this is always open to negotiation. Usually they will be happy with $150. But I would recommend calling the agency and being very specific about what you want. They are also much less expensive. I can tell you that this trip I had three of the very best twink escorts I have ever had, and I have had many. They were stunning to look at and did everything I wanted and often more. I don't know if the smile will ever leave my face.

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I must agree, thanks so much for a truly great post.

While I was thrilled with what I found there almost

a month ago, it does sound like things are happening.


Do you think that the sudden increase in boys everywhere

could be due to University opening a few weeks ago? With

the influx of guys looking for supplementary funds, this

might be just the thing for them.


Regardless, your fantastic report has left me longing

for another trip to one of the greatest travel destinations!


thanks again



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