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How I spent my summer vacation -- Campus

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Campus in the afternoons has solidified its position as my favorite club. I was last there for a few days in June. I was not a big spender or tipper. Yet when I arrived back last Monday afternoon, Patrick had my drink of choice in front of me within 30 seconds after I sat down at the bar, and Kenny and Pascal came over to kiss me hello. I was recognized and greeted by other dancers whom I had talked to on my previous trip, but never did dances with.


A prime reason I find afternoon Campus so enjoyable is the general friendliness of almost all the dancers, most of whom got nothing from me beyond a little conversation and (occasionally) a free drink. One new guy (James) dragged me to the back room for a free dance on my last day, when I was pretty fatigued. There’s also lots of casual and affectionate touching and fondling. Over the course of my 4 days, I spent a lot of time sitting stage side with one or more of the dancers, talking, drinking, making out lightly, and commenting on the stage shows.


Sometimes I felt like I was part of a soap opera. I met and chatted with Pascal’s boyfriend (the bum!) who dropped in for Gary’s (the owner’s) birthday party on Monday. Kenny is now paired off with dancer Chris, and in his entrepreneurial style was offering to do duo shows with him. They were also supposed to shoot a porno flick on Thursday. (I missed doing a farewell dance with Kenny on Wednesday because he and Chris went apartment hunting and showed up late for work; at Campus, if you’re late for a scheduled shift, you don’t get to dance or do privates with customers.)


There were 2 new dancers whom I spent a lot of time with: Freddy, who had returned to Campus after a hiatus, and Corey (Joey of Taboo’s best friend), a 19-year old with a hustler look, complete with a knife scar in his abdomen. Freddy set a new standard for hotness in the back. In fact, all the guys I did dances with at Campus gave incredibly steamy dances in one way or another. For example, the dancer I would least have expected it of turned out to be a phenomenal kisser. (MTLover had a very steamy backroom session with one of the night Campus dancers as well.) I tried out Anthony, formerly of Taboo, because of the favorable comments I’ve read here in the past. I’d probably rate him just below my top 4. But better get there quick; he’s planning to quit dancing in the near future.


Campus was also the setting of my greatest ego boost. On my last afternoon, Antoine the sexy waiter was tossing back “happy birthday” drinks at the bar when I passed behind him – he reached back and gave me a good, strong, sexy grope. He claims he thought it was Corey behind him, but being mistaken for Corey was also not bad for my ego.

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Campus--an interesting fact


Forgot to mention that while I was in Montreal last week, Fugues had an article on Campus' 20th anniversary containing some surprising (at least to me) information about Campus owner Gary -- he started at the Club as a dancer and moved up the chain of command (waiter?, bartender? manager? -- I no longer remember the details) until he became the owner 4(?) years ago. The article may still be available online.

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As far a Campus day-times, will have to yield to the experienced among us (newatthis) as I have never been to Campus before 10pm. First night in town (Wednesday) made it to Campus around 1am and found next to no veterans with whom to catch up. It seemed to me there may have only been 4 dancers in total there at the time and the club was fairly empty. The guys performances ranged from 'almost falling asleep' to spirited (Raven.)


Being among the few people in the club, Raven played almost entirely to our table and came to sit with us later. He told me he used to dance daytime but was happy with the move to nights. Not really knowing him, my guess would be that he had been drinking pretty substantially to this point of the night, and though not sloppy drunk, was in a very touchy-feely-happy kind of mood and started suggesting what he wanted me to do with him in the back. (Who am I to say no?) I had an intense time with him and even with the privacy afforded by the Campus booths, was still nervous whenever I saw shadows appearing on a wall nearby. He was due to go on stage again and asked me to get him a tequila shot which we drank on stage while doing a hand stand (maybe he wasn't as drunk as I thought.) He was a fun opening night to our Montreal stay.


Later visits in the week yielded introductions to some of the newer Campus guys, one of which I spent a good deal of back room time with. Rick is a sweetheart of a guy with a body out of the exercise magazines. We ended up spending lots of time chatting and I found him to be most charming and down to earth. Normally, I avoid Campus on Sunday night (fish night) but he asked me to return to meet his wife who might be coming out to the club. I did return but she was unable to make it, so I just had to 'settle' for spending the evening with Rick sans wife (awwwww, shucks.) Hey, the lucky lady gets him every night. I had mentioned on the first evening how much fun the private might be if some oil or lotion were available and darned if Rick didn't come prepared the next night. It got a bit slippery , but damned hot.


It was the first ladies night I can honestly say I enjoyed being there.

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>He was due to go on stage again and asked me

>to get him a tequila shot which we drank on stage while doing

>a hand stand


Wow -- there really couldn't have been many dancers there if they were drafting the customers to perform. Didn't realize you had it in you, MTL. :-) :-)

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>>He was due to go on stage again and asked me

>>to get him a tequila shot which we drank on stage while


>>a hand stand


>Wow -- there really couldn't have been many dancers there if

>they were drafting the customers to perform. Didn't realize

>you had it in you, MTL. :-) :-)


I suppose 2-3 hours a night catches up eventually and attacks the typing skills. You would never catch me on stage, let alone doing a hand stand. Raven was totally alone during his cirque du soleil moment.


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