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How I spent my summer vacation -- the overview

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Just got back from a terrific 4-day visit to Montreal. My way of overcoming the depressed feeling that results from leaving Montreal will be to bore everyone to death with a bunch of detailed postings about my experiences. For those who will skip those, here’s a brief overview.


1. I had the pleasure of meeting firecat and profiting from his knowledge of the clubs and the boys. I also bonded with MTLover and his hubby for a few hours at Taboo and elsewhere.


2. There are some outstanding newcomers at Taboo. I think I’ve arrived at a more nuanced view of Taboo and its strengths/failings.


3. Campus (in the afternoons) remains overwhelmingly my club of choice. There are new developments in the various Campus soap operas, and some new dancers of note.


4. Stock and Adonis haven’t changed much from my previous visit. I narrowly avoided what could have been a bad experience with an Adonis dancer.


5. I’ve got a little useful information and recommendations on Montreal masseurs.


6. I had many unsolicited offers for hotel privates from dancers in several clubs. In the past, I was always the one to bring the subject up, and most often the answer was “no”. In one case a dancer who had refused in June told me, even before we did a private dance, that he was now doing hotel privates. With one exception, I thought the pricing offered was outrageous.


7. Yes, Virginia, there’s more to Montreal than the strip clubs.

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newatthis-We both had a great time meeting and touring with you. Hopefully, future trips will overlap more than a day.


We had visited the end of August before (in 2000) and although July has the fireworks, Jazz and Just For Laughs festivals, this time we found a street blocked off (St. Laurent) and something called 'Main Madness' going on as well as the Montreal World Film Festival which has St. Catherine blocked off for a few blocks and there was also alot of street activity in Old Montreal on Saturday (we've got the blisters to attest.)

We are definitely debating which summer month is our favorite time to visit for next year.


The only drama was when I left a dance club on Saturday night (around 1am) and went by myself to Taboo. After a great time at the club, I left on a mission to re-join hubby at another club and underestimated my impaired state. After several blocks went by I started noticing unfamiliar street signs and very deserted streets. Realizing I wasn't in Kansas anymore, I started walking back and forth in hopes of remembering where I was. It wasn't happening and so a young couple (male & female) I encountered started talking to me. The female said something to the male in French and walked off. He told me to follow him and he would get me back to St. Catherine. I don't recollect exactly how much time I spent walking with him, but he met someone in the street during our time together and at some point told me he used to dance at Taboo and would be very happy to accompany me back to the hotel for some fun. I declined explaining I needed to get back to St. Catherine and after some very odd conversation, I told him I'd give him $40 if he'd get me back to St. Catherine. He asked if he could stay overnight with me at the hotel, and when he realized he wasn't getting anywhere pointed in a direction and told me to have a good evening. (Apparently, he must be a street kid and was looking for a place to stay.) He gave me good directions and I returned to the safety of familiar surroundings. I have to admit, even though I knew I was in a rougher part of town, I never once felt threatened or in danger. That side of town was surprisingly empty for a Saturday night and thankfully, I found someone willing to assist (albeit for a price.)


Montreal continues to be the only place on earth to which we choose to return each year and this trip certainly contributed some good memories.



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Those exact same thoughts of the choir singer attack were flashing as I wandered lost. I was indeed fortunate no harm came to me.


Please let me know about future trips you plan to make to Montreal. Got to meet newatthis last week and would love to meet others with such an affection for this city.


have a great time if you will be there for the Labor Day weekend. I'm in my post-Montreal depression phase which will last until I make the next travel plans. If I don't make it back in Nov/Dec, I probably won't go until next summer-and that's just too long a stretch to think about.


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