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My First Montreal Trip

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I have returned from Montreal and although a good search of this site will tell you anything and everything you need/want to know I thought that I would post some of my observations to help others.


First of all, thanks to all who posted and or sent emails offering suggestions, etc. They really came in handy. After the thread about the Springhill Suites/Gouvernor hotel swap, I decided to book at the Gouvernor. I was very pleased. I had to change rooms due to a smoking/nonsmoking issue and it was handled with great efficiency and professionalism by the staff. The room was new, clean and I had no problems worrying about security or having frequent room guests. (blush). The location is awesome and perfect for a newbie like this.


I apologize to Chuck50, we were gonna try to meet on Friday but I had a guest with me all day so things kinda fell through.


The dancers at Stock, Campus, Taboo, and L'Adonis were all very beautiful. I did have to watch a few of the dancers who would over quote the number of songs. That was a pity since I probably would have spent more over the long haul had I not felt taken advantage of.


I guess L'Adonis was the most pleasant surprise. I expected just to walk in and out on my way to Taboo but oh, my, they always seemed to have some young beautiful guy dancing. The crowds were smaller and I always spent more time there than I expected.


My second surprise was that I still found a nice selection of non muscle dancers both at campus and stock after 9:00 pm. I guess I expected some radical changing of the guard but i always found a nice selection.


Taboo was really fun and probably had the friendliest dancers. They also didn't pressure for a lap dance as much as campus.


I am not as good with names as other posters on here, but I had some fun times with Christian at Stock, Jessee at Taboo, Maxi at Campus, Antonio at Campus, and so many others!


Fort Lauderdale still is my favorite but that could soon change. I like the fact that you can talk to the dancers in So. Fla and not feel obligated to pay for a lap dance. However, as another post mentions you can definitely come to Montreal and watch all the eye candy without spending much at all.

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My first trip will be in two weeks I have booked the Gouvenor also after the thread about where to stay. I just have a few quick questions. First how much do you usually pay for a lapdance? Is it done right there? Can you take any of the boys back or should I schedule other escorts before I go? If I take a boy back what should I plan to pay. I hate to go in a place without all the info I will automatically assume that I am being taken advantage of. Is there another place to find escorts?


Thanks, I scheduled on meet with Ronelle in Montreal so far but I would really like to have the time of my life and I plan on spending WAY tooo much money :-) Just want to get my bucks worth.




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Spida, staying at the Gouverneur is a good choice, IMHO, its close to the action and a relatively nice hotel. For a lap dance don't pay more than $10 CND per song. If the dancer tells you for $20 CND he will do more - don't do it, it most likely won't be worth it and you will feel ripped off. Before you get a lap dance talk to the dancer first and get to know him, get a sense of his personality, gay or str8, and let him get to know you. I can usually tell what kind of lap dance I will get after about 10 - 15 minutes of conversation. Some guys can be wicked hot but have a dud of a personality, or you just don't click, and its best not to have a lap dance. Unless you're just really horny :+ The lap dances are all done in the bar, depending on the bar they are done in the back or off to the side in a private area. For the most part the dancers are NOT escorts. If you want to take one back to your hotel you should just ask them - the best time is after you had a lap dance with them and after you have given them a big tip ;-) But talk to them on what they will and won't do so you both know up front what to expect. About $150 - $200 is a reasonable amount to pay for a private in your hotel room. Some of the dancers will do a private and some won't it depends on a lot of variables but basically if you are interested just ask them, they get asked that all the time. In the back of the Fugues magazine - a gay magazine you can pick up anywhere in the village - ther are plenty of escort ads. I've used the Hot Boys Agency many times and they are pretty reliable.

An Escort Agency is probably your best bet if you are really horny :+

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Spida... this is an excellent summary by CTGuy. Pretty much hit every point that you asked, and gave you good advice. Just reiterating that for a newbie like yourself, boys in your hotel will most likely be most efficiently taken care of by an agency like Hot boys. Basic rate is $100 CND for oral etc, and $150 for full service. Of course, if a dancer pushes every button in your body, you will never forgive yourself if you don't ask. If you are going near the end of the month, you have a better chance! LOL

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