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Montreal Stripper Threats

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This arises from something in another thread in this area -- in "Montreal $20 dollar dances" -- but it seems serious enough to warrant its own thread.


In that thread msclonly writes: "A friend requested a couple at $20.00, but the guy didn't stop at that. Then insisted on $100.00 and said, that he could hurt my friend! Another guy didn't know his own strength and got a little TOO rough with me, and was able to confirm this with another friend, who had the same experience. So be careful and get to know the guys before getting involved! Just a word of caution for the wise."


This was at the Stock. I have to say that nothing like it has happened to me. I am not especially surprised that the strippers are hustling for more money -- that's what they do for a living. What bothers me is the implication of violence.


As I understand it, this is how the strippers work in Montreal: They are not employed by the bar, but rather are allowed to hang out there by the management. They pay the bar and the dj each something like $5 or $10 (per day or per dance, I am not sure which) to allow them to do their thing. This allows the bar to claim that they are not employing sex workers. Everything they take away is what they earn in the back room. If there is trouble, the management puts them on probation or tells them to get lost, and passes the word if it seems warranted. Its not a matter of the bars being afraid there won't be enough dancers. There are plenty of guys in Quebec who want to do it -- apparently half the teenage boys in Quebec dream of stripping in Montreal when they grow up. A strange and interesting culture, but that's for another time.


The four bars in the Village are (I think) separately owned, but the big three -- all except the Adonis -- apparently have a sort of understanding that if a dancer is banned from one, he is not welcome at the others. This would go some way to explain the skanky atmosphere at Adonis.


The point of this information is that your complaint to the management could be effective in challenging this outrageous behavior. I am absolutely certain that no responsible owner or manager would want such a reputation to stick to them. Everywhere I went during my recent visit to Montreal there was talk about how bad the stripping business is, attributing it generally to higher prices (Stock) and attitude (Stock and Campus), as well as diminished travel in general. All they need is a whiff of danger to intrude.


As I have not met this myself, I don't know what the most effective course of action might be. But it is unacceptable, and should not simply be brushed off. If ignored, it could grow into something more serious. My first thought would be to find out from the bartender who the manager is, and then a quiet word will probably be all that is needed. It may be that the dancers in question did not realize they were crossing an important line, or it may be a linguistic matter. A small word to the dancer from management may be all that is needed. I know that occasionally Campus has "staff" meeetings at which the law is laid down, and maybe this is something for which a word to the wise would be sufficient. But they won't know if you don't tell them. In any case, the dancers don't want to lose their privileges either, is my guess, and it is the management's job to set the boundaries.


Other suggestions?

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I also have not had any incident of this type to relate in the clubs. I am acquainted with the manager at Stock and from what I know of him, he seems genuinely interested in feedback from the loyal patrons. So the suggestion to advise management of this sort of treatment may likely help curtail future incidents.

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I've heard of similar (although less physical) conflicts among dancers and patrons - most recently from Jimmy at Stock. He got into a physical altercation with a patron he claims tried to "rape" him. Although the specifics of what happened betweeen the 2 are known only to them, I am certain that Jimmy got a warning from Sylvain (the owner) and definately got a little scare of getting in trouble (banned?)

This kind of behavior should always be reported to management - at least at Stock I'm sure they want to hear about it and will not tolerate it.

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I have seen nasty behavior on both sides.Customers who are rude,sullen,snotty,violent,condescending.

Dancers that hustle 1st timers,get violent(very rare-but it has happned)are rude,lie,rip off customers(promising for a hot time at the hotel-and then not showing up(stealing time)or are unable/unwilling to perform as promised.

There is no"blacklist" of dancers.It is very common for a guy to be bounced from one club to get work in another till he has used up all of his options.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

>I've heard of similar (although less physical) conflicts

>among dancers and patrons - most recently from Jimmy at Stock.

> He got into a physical altercation with a patron he claims

>tried to "rape" him.


Well, this suprises me and it doesn't. I met Jimmy, had a very nice dinner with him and friends; and I took him in the back room at Stock for a nice time. Jimmy is a great dinner companion, speaks English well enough for a good conversation and has a life with views and opinions outside of the dance scene. He also knows his way around wine -- always nice in a dinner companion.


Jimmy is a nice guy, friendly and with a good attitude -- if you respect him and his limits. Jimmy is straight and is very straightforward about that if you ask. He gives a good dance within his limits and he is upfront about those limits. He doesn't offer $20 dances as he doesn't pretend to offer more than he will give. Jimmy also doesn't suffer well disrespectful behavior. Obviously I wasn't there in this instance, but I can easily imagine that if the customer wasn't the type to respect his limits and willing to take 'no' for an answer then I can see Jimmy getting pretty pushed out of shape. Given the type of business and the wide range in customer types, this is one business where the customer isn't always right. This may have been the case here.

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I know that I have posted this before, but NOTHING will EVER induce me, personally, to revisit CAMPUS for anything other than a couple of cocktails, as I have never forgotten the straight, pander to the queers, total asshole dancer I encountered there 9 years ago, who threatened to cut my throat for merely touching his cock at closing time, after having spent $200 Canadian for "private dances", dances that were limited to thigh touching only. In the many times I have been to Montreal since then, this is ONE club that I never revisited, except for a couple of drinks at the bar while watching the show, and that is all the money and time that place deserves!


I can not fathom a BIGGER waste of one's money than to indulge these dancers in their no "touching" back room dances! Given their "gay for pay" bullshit, I sure as HELL would never invite one back to my hotel room, and I've had such offers at Adonis and Campus. Never been to Taboo or Stock (probably would never go to Stock as gym rats really aren't my type). From what I've read on this very site about Taboo, it probably is some place that I would enjoy visiting and tipping/flirting with the twinks, but would not indulge in a "private" dance!


I'd rather take my "chances" with the boys in the peep shows and on Ste. Catherine, itself, as they are cheaper, no LESS honest, and in my experiences worth it. Of course if you wander around all "wasted" and then cruise Ste. Catherine then DUH! you just MAY get ripped off! But that would be YOUR fault for being STUPID!! :(

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Guest msclonly

My post was NOT referring to any Jimmy. Didn't even meet him.

One of the other guy's names had the same ending.

Then another best looking hunk started with a G.


Not my interest to single out any one or two guys, but just

wanted to say be careful and do not throw caution to the wind.


Montreal is a great and wonderful city along with the Quebecers!

I don't know of another place as inviting and accepting in the world!



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Well , after reading all your post guys , I should give you my point of view , I have been stripping at Taboo for the past year and a half. The 20$ lapdances are actually ILLEGAL. Technically during a contact dance the costumer is not supposed touch the genital area (where there should be underwear) but no one really cares about that (dancers included).


The dancer should always talk with the costumer prior to do the private dance about what he is and what he is not allowed to do/touch.(esp. if its the first time he dances for that person) It is the dancer's responsability to control his costumer in ALL time , and this , no matter what happens. A costumer can not be held responsable for anything in the *private room* if the dancer has not discused with him before.


Taboo , Campus , Adonis and Stock are indeed seperatly owned but its a small industry , everyone knows everybody. If someone gets kicked out of one club he will probably not found work in anotherone. except maybe @ Adonis where they accept pretty much everybody regardless of advices and comments from patrons or other club owners.


Keep on mind guys that you are the one who pays directly our salary. The money you give us should be seen as an appreciation of our work. whithout you we would not exist.



you dont stop playing because you grow old , you grow old because you stop playing

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Thanks for your response---it was great to hear from the stripper's point of view!!!

As a customer, I want to be treated with respect and courtesy---and I so my best to show the same behaviour to the dancers. The only problems I have ever had in Montreal with dancers came from MY lack of communicating clearly, or jumping to conclusions that were unwarranted. Well, I have had one or two dancers stretch the truth a little---but that was what I wanted to hear anyway---so I've learnt to listen more carefully :)


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Guest msclonly

Getting your monies worth!


A few years ago, one of the nicest guys at Campus took the time for the current song to finish before starting to dance by talking to me and getting to know a little, which he pointed out to me. It was a nice touch and very appropriate, rather then trying to collect on an extra (shortened) dance. And that was when songs were 5 minutes long and $5.00 was the tip.

He is excellent and I would recommend him very highly. believe the name is Paul.


Contrast that to the last visit and another guy, where the first song lasted less then a minute, which I complained was the shortest song ever. Then the next one only lasted a little longer. I asked if this was two songs and the guy said yes. It was upsetting, and he didn't get another dime from me all weekend. He tried and I reminded him, he could have continued, since I expected two full songs. His only comment was I should have talked to the DJ. Reminded him, that he was in charge of the dances! Wish I would have insisted on another dance to make up the difference before tipping him.

I told him the next day, when he tried for a repeat, that I was not thrilled with the two shortest dances before. And further, mentioned, if I were dancing, I would give all the people I liked an extra dance on me, and be a very popular guy in the place.


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