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Thanks again to likembig for posting that early lineup. Think of it as the Gaiety 6:00pm news and now here's the 11:00pm update.

A gorgeous day in the Big Apple didn't stop the large crowd at the 1:30pm show from heading inside. Well we all know too much sun isn't good for you.


It was a good show with a nice looking group of guys. Two brand new dancers graced the stage today to keep your interest (or something) up.


1. SYLVIO: As Cooper said "It's all about the hair" and Sylvio, with his sheepdog look, would probably agree. He's a goodlooking guy when you can see his face, which isn't often. His stage show today was of a wannabe rock star. Lot of lypsynching to the lyrics and even some air guitar made me realize he really wants to be Mick Jagger. Luckily for us, Sylvio has a better body and is considerably younger. He dances at Stock Bar so there may be photos of him on it's web site.


2. NEO: It's been a long time since I've seen Neo on stage since he took up work in the DJ booth. I always thought his amazing thighs were just too big for his upper body but guess what? His upper half has caught up to the lower half. The boy has pumped up big time. He smiles more and actually notices the audience. It's a whole new Neo so he's learned a lot from watching the other dancers. I'm not sure if his english has improved but who cares? I always enjoyed his Zsa Zsa Gabor accent.


3. OTTO: The new kid in town came out looking every inch the surfer dude in his blue flowered shorts and yellow tank top. He even did the "Australian crawl" across the stage. He has a nice medium muscular build, a hard butt and a nice big pair of balls which he enjoyed showing off to those sitting close up. Lots of hip rotation added to the sexiness of his performance, a movement he puts to good use off-stage I hear. He dances at Remington's but not sure if there are photos or what name he uses. He was NV over the weekend. Whatever name he goes by, he's quite a hunk.


4. DANNY: Tall, dark and CUTE! This slender dancer has the sweetest smile as he teases the audience, raising and lowering his shirt in the first half of his show. In the second half he comes out with a rock hard cock that he enjoys showing off as he kneels before each ringside patron when he accepts his tips. I'm sure quite a few in the audience wished they were kneeling in front of him.


5. SHANE ROLLINS: Introduced as "Raging Stallion's Superstar" this porn star may be switching studios but if his "acting" is half as good as his dancing, I'm sure any studio would love to get their hands on him. Shane really puts on a good show and is certainly the best dancer in today's lineup. When he comes out hard for his second number I'm always surprised at what a big dick this medium size guy has. He's definitely a grower and he seems to enjoy slapping that cock with his hand. Yum!


6. ROCHA: This is not your average pretty boy and is certainly not to everyone's taste. When you see his tattoos most can only wonder "why??". His body is covered with what looks like a Grey's Anatomy illustration of bones. It's sometimes hard to see what a beautiful body he has for all that ink. I'm sure this was not some drunken whim on his part and I bet he has some serious and convincing reasons why he became this walking art work. Rocha is also a very sweet and friendly guy and if a mature Brazilian man with a big dick is what you crave, he's your man.


7. STEVE: If Rocha is "night", Steve is "day". Blonde, striking blue eyes and a slim boyish build, he's the other new kid in town. He has his own tattoo which Cooper has called a "plumber's crack" tattoo. With his sweet, friendly disposition along with his innocent looks I'm sure he'll be quite a popular addition. Make him feel welcome and show him the town (or something).


Hope everyone enjoys the show and the nice weather. Please add your thoughts on the show if you go.

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I am very tempted to make the trip to NYC this week just to experience Neo, having lusted after him and those incredible tree trunk legs. Any idea on how he is for a private? Also interested in his endowment. Is this a good week for size queens like me?

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Guest JohnPela

Ben Versace Performing Friday Night June 25th to July 1st


Ben Versace is performing at the Gaiety beginning this Friday night, June 25th through at least July 1st. He is Mr. Charisma and is "Mr. Gaiety 2003".


Ben's shows are always entertaining as well as very erotic and sexy and he puts more than 110% into his efforts to provide a show for the audience. Creative entrance, costume, dancing, emotion to the music. Add his handsome face, beautiful eyes, seductive and wonderful smile, large & thick erect dick, stage presence and beautiful well-built-tight-muscled body and you end up with someone who alone is worth the price of admission to the Gaiety to see.


See Devon's Diary two-part post during Valentine's Day week for his in-depth review of Ben's performances at Gaiety and "Off-site".

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Yes for Neo if you like thighs. No if you like size.


The one private I had with him was not great. :-(

He's a good looker but quite frankly, Neo is the perfect definition of "gay 4 pay" with an attitude. Not a warm and toasty guy and costly.


I love his Zsa Zsa Gabor accent too, but not enough for me to do a callback. I feel he is a better DJ for the G than a dancer. I think management uses him as a fill-in dancer if other dancers don't show.


I don't see any reviews on this guy as an escort. I think he has a website? I did see a couple of not so good postings in the Yahoo groups.


I like Shane :) as far as the size thing goes. Maybe I am into the "slapping his dick" thing. YUM2 :p


I must make it a point to do a private with him soon.


I will let ya know.

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Rocha is also a dancer at Splash Bar and he was working there last Friday night. He was very entertaining and was flexing his muscles the way that a bodybuilder does posing and was doing it in an interesting synch with the music. His tattoo artwork is certainly one of a kind.

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I hear of a new guy, JD or JP or JR??, who joined the lineup late yesterday or today.


Did anyone experience him yet?

Heard from a friend who was at the G today that this fellow has a BOD that is fabulous and luscious.


I like those kind. :p


Keep us informed. Never want to miss a grain of sugar when we empty the bag!! :+

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Guest JohnPela

RE: Ben Versace Performing Friday Night June 25th to July 1st


>We are patiently waiting BEN.

>We need your action!

>See you Friday!:7



Maybe you could post a review of Ben's performance- I would be interested in reading what he does, wear, etc.

:9 :p

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RE: Ben Versace Performing Friday Night June 25th to July 1st


I am usually a better critic for private shows. Especially privates that I do not have a pleasant time at.


I can give my Ben response about the early show tonight. I plan to be on time for that.


OR (BEN watch out) I can give my opinion about a HARDy private I had with Ben.

I think I just complimented Ben's privates :* :p


See you Ben


love Tony

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Wanted to say that I had a private with JD the other day and had a great time.


What a body this guy has. Perfection in my books.


The only thing that I thought was out of place was his price of 275.


I paid 250 but gave him a 25 tip just for the beauty of his body alone.


Well it makes me feel better giving him the extra as tip.

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Anybody who hasn't seen Ben perform is in for a big treat. Anybody who has seen him perform is still in for a big treat. It should be a great weekend at the G with Gay Pride and all. When is Denise going to sponsor her own Gaiety float? Maybe someone should ask her. LOL!!!!!


I hope to read some good reviews this weekend. I know Cooper will do his usual brilliant job but don't let him do all the work.


Happy Gay Pride to all. Support the parade. I'm sure it will be a blast.

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>Wanted to say that I had a private with JD the other day and

>had a great time.



>The only thing that I thought was out of place was his price

>of 275.


>I paid 250 but gave him a 25 tip just for the beauty of his

>body alone.


I did a private with that Miami JD. He charged 200 and wasn't worth it. Sure, he's hot looking and got a nice lean muscualar build, but his private show was weak. He offers a massage and a hand job, THAT'S IT. Certainly not worth 275. If you did pay that, what did he do? For me, he couldn't even shoot a load and I sucked him for the longest time. He's also on the small dick size. Can't believe anyone would pay 275 for a rushed Gaiety private.

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Either would I pay that much for a short Gaiety Private.


Really, we had dinner and the sort. About 2 1/2 hours of his time.


Wasn't a bad price for that. Sure and the private itself was not too much more than what you mentioned. He did POP however.


I guess the dinner thing made him cum. :7


I had fun with him.

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>Really, we had dinner and the sort. About 2 1/2 hours of his




WOW Woop! When did you find 2 1/2 hours to do dinner with a Gaiety dancer and still have time for a private? Please tell more, for I'm lucky to get 40 minutes of their time between shows.


Dinner with a cum shot sounds like fun! :9 Must have been those oysters.

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Apparently, it was a slow afternoon for the PRIVATE business.


Well, make that 2hrs and 15mins. That's about the time limit they have between shows.


I know it's a rare occasion, but we were both hungry! :9


AND he treated to the oysters!!! LOL :D

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Weekend Lineup was:

1. Sylvio, the rock star

2. Neo

3. Otto, a very hot newcomer

4. Danny, very improved stage performance

5. Shane Rollins

6. Rocha

7. JD, best body of the week, his show got a bit more comfortable from last weekend

8. Ben, always entertaining, especially for one very cute patron, who seemed like Ben was possibly the highlight of his trip to NYC

9. Michael, bigger than ever

10. Tony Miceli, formerly known as Vito

11. Yannick, with shorter hair, perhaps he's been reading some of the controversy here. Shorter hair was good improvement

12. Chris

13. Steve(n)


NYO Favorites: Otto, Shane, Danny


RUMORS for next week:

Ben (UNTIL THURSDAY, possibly longer)


the return of Erik (the NYC/Pittsburgh one, I believe)

Devon, think it's the one from a couple of weekends ago



Happy Pride!

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