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Saturday at La Fleur's

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Hi Guys! It's a beautiful day in Manhattan; I've spent about two hours just walking through Riverside Park to Midtown, just taking in the day. Now I'm home getting ready to take a nap before spending the night at LaFleur's. Will any of you be there tonight? I sure hope so! I know there will be lots of hot men dancing and I can't wait to see them. If I don't see you there, HAPPY EASTER!


Speaking of Easter...La Fleur's will be open on Easter...and they're starting some sort of new event on Sunday evening. Might be worth checking out...I know I will.


Have any of you Manhattanites seen the new Hustler strip club on the West Side Highway? Can you imagine if there were a gay strip club that size...with private booths...or privacy areas for lap dances...in Manhattan? That would be GREAT! Somethings are sometimes just not fair.


Stella's is still closed.


Love & kisses...:*



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LaFleur wasn't too exciting last night. They need a bigger stable of strippers, for one. I have read that many consider the staff there friendly, but I don't see it. The bartender in particular gets on my nerves. Last night she made me wait for my change while she waited on two other people.

And Lionheart, well, he is cute and I'd like to see him stripping...

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You are right about Lionhart...he is hot as hell. He used to be a stripper in Florida as well as New York (I think). I've heard from others that he was pretty amazing. I, for one, would love to chew his pecs for hours. I think he now choreographs for dancers and helps them put shows together.


Sorry about your problem with that drag queen bartender. I, too, have found her to be a bit of a cunt from time to time. I always go to LaBamba, the male bartender with long hair. He's very sweet and nice. On weekends I thought they were opening the bar in the back room...Tommy G. who arranges the strip competition on Wednesday nights is supposed to bartend on weekends in that room.


Maybe last night was an off night as it was Good Friday and all the Catholics were concerned about going to hell for having a hot time on a holyday! I'm going tonight and I'll report what happens. Yea, they do have a lot of repeats in the dancers but I like seeing a familiar face...or whatever...when I go in there.


And I still agree about that drag queen bartender...but I hear she's been around a long time. I like going when the hot men are working the bar...but it's tough to beat LaBamba...he really takes care of the customers.


I would REALLY like to take care of Lionheart though!:7



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