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Recent Visit to Nob Hill Theatre

Guest BeguiledTraveler
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Guest BeguiledTraveler

I don't post here very often - a few reviews here and there...

But as I continue to be "inspired" by the LA M4M's at our recent get-togethers, I thought it was time I started sharing some of my experiences.

Last week, I spent about 4 quality hours (and some quality dollars!) at the Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco.

I have not been there for some time, as the establishment and the dancers have not been up to par as of late.

However - I was VERY impressed with the line up last week -

Included two muscular and attractive dancers - Nick Diesel from New Jersey, and Michael from NYC.

I recall Nick from the Gaiety about 2 years ago - he is much more developed now. Puts on a fun show and is very interactive with the audience (for those not familiar with the Nob Hill - dancers appear on stage - strip naked - then "mingle" with the audience for tips)

I spoke with Nick between shows (it was a quiet night - not many customers). He states he will be in the next editions of Vista Video.

The next dancer was Michael (no last name) - I was in major lust!

Very beautiful, developed, and overall attractive young man!

He approached me immediately in the lounge area before his show - asked if I was interested in a private. As I had just arrived - I stated maybe later. Well - my mistake!

He has a great body, beautiful face, etc - Not sure if he escorts on the East Coast (Anybody out there know???)

Very interactive in his show - showing off ALL parts of his body, smiling, talking, etc.

Other dancers were hit and miss - depending on individual taste.

Overall - a fun evening!

The Nob Hill charges $30 admission (fairly steep, but for special occasions, not a bad deal!)

You tip the dancers what you wish - the higher the tip, the more interactive and longer they will give you attention, lap dances, etc (Well - of course!)

You can check out the Nob Hill Website for those who are interested in attending future shows - they give you advance notice of future guest performers.

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