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Serious muscle worshippers should find plenty to keep them on their knees with this week's lineup. Sitting next to poster Sparky during the show kept the boys flowing in our direction. What a babe magnet


The boys...


1. DAMIAN: This sultry South American sexpot sizzles as he pounds the floor and stroking that sausage. Built like a high school wrestler. It would be great getting pinned with that round butt in your face.




2. ROBERTO: Brand new dark haired boy with Latin movie star looks struts the stage rather than dances. Medium muscular build set off by baggy white briefs that never came off during the second number. No hard dick in sight. Somehow I still enjoyed his show.


3. GQ: Energetic, muscular hottie of a dancer with a break-away suit and fringed thong that shook like mad. No wonder he has that Superman shield on his arm.


4. MICHAEL: Beautiful Brooklyn boy with flawless T-shaped body. That hairy butt crack would be a fun place to keep your nose warm on these cold winter nights.


5. ADRIANO: Magnificient muscle god from Argentina with mature movie star looks. Practice your Spanish on him. Maybe a little French too. Damian is taking him to Chicago next week so windy cityites should be thrilled.


6. GIOVANNI: Big beefy boy dripping with Southern charm and friendliness. Long haired with a perfect Coppertone tan. He's the perfect beach boy...one big pina colada. Yum!


7: JAMES: Montreal beauty with an elegant, refined face, shining black mane, hot looking muscular bod and a dick with a big fat head. You'll need to open wide for this one!


If anyone has any info or pictures to share on these beauties...please do so. Enjoy the show, I sure did.

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Very good show this week, I thought.


I thought Roberto was extremely good looking. I understand he's from Boston. Hopefully he'll loosen up on stage as the week progresses.


Barely recognized GQ with his new shorter hairstyle. Apparently he had a photo shoot in military gear. I heard he's going to be in an upcoming Playgirl issue (July maybe?)


NYO favorites: Damian, Roberto

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It was an honor to sit next to you at the show today!

I also thought the show was terrific. The newcomer Roberto has a great look and when he becomes more comfortable on stage he will easily become a fan favorite!

Adriano has the most muscular body of the week and when he looks deep in your eyes you instantly want to go back to his hotel room!

But my favorite of the week has to be Giovanni. He has the body of a college football player combined with the charm of a southern gentleman. Giovanni is one of the nicest guys to talk to in the lounge and that, along with his flowing shoulder length hair, adds to his sexiness!

Although this week's show did not have any Gaiety "superstars" or porn stars like last week, it was a surprisingly good show that muscle worshipers will be sure to like. (Sorry twink lovers, maybe next week!)

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>4. MICHAEL: Beautiful Brooklyn boy with flawless T-shaped

>body. That hairy butt crack would be a fun place to keep your

>nose warm on these cold winter nights.




It was great place to keep my nose warm. I'll post a review soon.:9

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