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Strip Club FAQ

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>I agree, this was one of my favorite resources. I can't

>believe no one has responded yet. ???????;(


I too am kind of astonished


--that nobody asked about this until I did on 2/4. I would guess that it has been gone since the MC was offline (and I was too at that time).


--that there has been almost no response to this thread from users. I am assuming that the answer to my original question (does anyone else see it?) is "no".


--that nobody in authority has said anything, either that it's being looked into or that the powers that be decided to off it permanently.


Given the speed with which insignificant trivia often becomes a topic of hot and fast debate around here, I don't understand the silence around this matter.

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What happened to the Strip Club FAQ?


Does anyone else see it? It's gone for me, but I'm surprised that nobody else has mentioned it. (No, it's not because I have the date limit set too low.)

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>Your concerns have not been ignored and the matter is being looked into.


Thanks for doing something and for the response, Coop.


And it's back now, so thank you Cooper and/or HooBoy and/or Daddy and/or whoever else had a part in making it reappear.


>When I login I can view it, try that.


Well, it's back now, but it wasn't there last night when I added to this thread. And, obviously, I had to be logged-in in order to post, so it can't have been that. Aside from which, viewing doesn't require login.

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