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Montreal/Taboo hotel recommendations?

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OK. You've all finally talked me into making my first trip to Montreal. I am thinking that I will go at the end of May around the Memorial Day holiday. Since I have never been to the city I have no idea where I ought to stay. There seem to be about a billion hotels in Montreal! Ideally I'd like to be in or near the Village with easy walking access to Taboo and the other attractions there. As a point of reference when I stay in Toronto I usually stay along the Yonge St corridor so I have a relatively short walk to Remingtons as well as the subway. I tend to like larger, more anonymous places over smaller boutique hotels. Obviously I'll want a place where I can have company without raising a lot of eyebrows. And I like places with easy access to public transport for my daytime siteseeing.


Since you are all experts I throw the floor open. :-) I can afford a nice-ish place (say US$150-180 per night), but love a good bargain as much as the next guy. Thanx...er, Merci!

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Hotel des Gouverneurs.


I would second the suggestion, but do so very enthusiastically. The location is ideal - four minute walk to Campus, one more minute to Stock, five more minutes to Adonis, and two more to Taboo. Metro is under the hotel; you don't even have to go outside. When you fly in to Dorval, catch the shuttle outside ($20 Can. roundtrip) and get off at Station Centrale (not Gare Centrale, which is in business area), and it is right across the street from hotel. When you make reservation at hotel, ask to become member of Gouverneur's Club (which is free) and you get special discount price. Ask for a western view - it is great of all downtown. Never a question or problem with guests. Large rooms with king size beds for plenty of playroom. Lots of good restaurants within few minutes walk: French, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, American, Canadian, Greek, Vietnamese. You can walk to Campus for afternoon show, come back to room to change or shower, have dinner, walk to other clubs. Completely safe; everything is on Rue Ste. Catherine. Drugstore, grocery, pastry shop, etc. all in building so you don't even have to go outside if you need condoms, lube, toothpaste, etc. So you can go in deepest winter and not really worry about weather. In late May, walking should be nice. Good music store (Archambault) a blocl away has huge selection and at very good prices for States; I buy most of my cd's there. Two great discount book shops the other direction (by clubs), two great porno shops which have wonderful sales (WEGA and Priape), etc. etc.

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For fun in bed, dancers do not often make good playmates; they are dancers and performers-to-be-observed, but usually not very interactive. As several posters here have noted, there are two excellent escort agencies in Montreal who will provide exactly what you want (if you are clear) and the boys/guys will be ready and eager to perform when they arrive at your room at the hotel. So, enjoy lap dances and petting at the clubs, but order in for the main course (or courses) at your hotel. And the rates are lower than the dancers will ask.

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This is good advice. Thanks. I have found what you say to generally be the case elsewhere too. And I find that if I have to go with my boy after he's done dancing it's way too late at night for me to really have much fun. A couple of years ago in Toronto though I did manage to hook up with a boy who was dancing at Remington's who didn't mind coming to my room at the Delta for an hour or two before his shift started.


I have an old copy of Fugues Rainbow Guide here that has an agency called Agence Bel Homme (514-598-5354) that has about ten skinny 18 year olds listed...which would certainly be up my alley. This guide is 3 or 4 years old, but it looks like they specialize in younger guys.


For those of you who have been to the Gouverneur lately, is it worth it to get one of the "business class" rooms or should I just get a regular room? The difference appears to be about US$20/night and I'll be there for 7 nights. I like the idea of a little nicer room with a bit more space since I will be there for a week. And on an unrelated note, is my extremely limited knowledge of French going to hurt me much? I've traveled to lots of places where I didn't speak to main language and got by just fine...but I just thought I'd ask.

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I get the pleasure of being the contrarian here.

As many regulars know I despise the Gouverneur.I feel they treat returning guest as a chore to be done away with as quickly as possible.They get large groups of package tour guest and canadian goverment employees(who get much better rates)The food is lousy-and room service is available only during very limited hours.Housekeeping is below par.Bathrooms are miniscule.And for the pleasure of putting up with this you get to pay 33% more than comperable properties in Montreal.

And then you have to play this game with the reservations people(who LIE constantly about availability)Then the same f####ng games with the front desk people.

The only reason so many Gay men(and members of this board)stay there is it's location.It is very convenient to all the pleasures of the village-but that is about all it is close to.

I stayed there three times-never again.

Most of my friends-two of whom would take the largest suite in the Gouverneur,one of whom always took a one bedroom suite for 1-2 weeks-got so fed up with the AMATURE HOUR management at the Gouv. that they now stay at the apartments in the Crowne Plaza(called the presidence web site http://www.lapresidence.com/contact_us.shtml)It is a few blocks up the hill from the Governeur.For about the same as what the Gouv charges for one of its tiny rooms you can get a full studio-for alittle more a really nice one bedroom.And all of them have nice kitchenettes.


For myself-I have stayed many times using Priceline(i get really good hotels at much lower rates than what the Gouv charges(and Montreal has a super public transportation system-any of the four stars will be a short subway ride to the village)The last time I was in Montreal I stayed at the Wyndham(now the Hyatt)at a great internet rate of $89CAD!Fantastic location.

Now regarding the Agencies.On the Advice of some very helpful folks here I contacteD Agence Bel Homme.What a pleassure these boys were-and a bargain when compared to the over inflated prices(to match egos?)some of the dancers in the clubs charge-I recomend it without reservation!

Set your browser preferences to see post over the past year-you will find alot of info on this board regarding Montreal!

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Guest Tampa Yankee

>I have an old copy of Fugues Rainbow Guide here that has an

>agency called Agence Bel Homme (514-598-5354) that has about

>ten skinny 18 year olds listed...which would certainly be up

>my alley. This guide is 3 or 4 years old, but it looks like

>they specialize in younger guys.



This is one of the 'two' agencies mentioned here. Another called Hot Boys is in actuality the same agency -- same phone number, same voice on the other end, Michel. They do advertise twinks more but I think they have some older guys too. Other adds in back of Fuges lists different types of guys:older or muscle.


>For those of you who have been to the Gouverneur lately, is it

>worth it to get one of the "business class" rooms or should I

>just get a regular room? The difference appears to be about

>US$20/night and I'll be there for 7 nights. I like the idea of

>a little nicer room with a bit more space since I will be

>there for a week.


The primary difference, it seems to me, is the high speed internet. Also the very 'upper floors'. I dont spend much time gazing out of my room in Montreal. When I do, floors 15-20 seem fine. The room size and 'amenities' aren't much different. If you are into robes and highspeed internet it might be worth it. Others may have a different take.


Before you go make sure to join the Gouverneur's Club. You can do this online I think. You will get preferential rates, though not much, and preferential treatment though not a lot. Nevertheless, every little bit helps and if you get hooked on Montreal, every 14th stay is on the house... lol.


Like Big Guy, I stay at nice 3* and 4* Priceline hotels for a lot fewer $$$$. However they are removed from the 'village' although not difficult to get to and from via public transportation and cabs after public transportation closes down. (Six subway ticks for $10) I have stayed at the Gouv half a dozen times without the negatives recounted by Big Guy. Maybe I have been lucky. :) The other hotels I stay at are the equal to and in most cases superior to the Gouv. The Gouv pluses are: location, location, and location. Also great beds and the best pillows I have encountered in hotels. Rooms are adequate, if dated, smallish bathrooms in need of more light but adequate. The Gouv is not the best deal in town but it is the most convenient -- which is how I read your initial inquiry. I suspect that it is the choice of 4 out of 5 guys that read this board.



And on an unrelated note, is my extremely

>limited knowledge of French going to hurt me much? I've

>traveled to lots of places where I didn't speak to main

>language and got by just fine...but I just thought I'd ask.


I have had very litlte trouble with language issues in montreal and I speak essentially no French. Most dancers speak some English, enough to communicate the basics. Hotel, bar, and restaurant staff universally speak English. Cab drivers... ummm... that is a crap shoot. I have had little trouble because I knew where I wanted to go -- as in destination name (most hotels are known or airport) or street/cross street names.

:9 On rare occasions you might get a cabbie that doesnt know English or Montreal... lol. Just enjoy the ride and take in the sights. :+


Have a great trip. ;)

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I've stayed at the Gouverneur probably close to 20 times. A couple years ago I had some complaints about the conditions of the rooms. Carpets and upholstery were worn and stained. But they've since updated all the rooms and I now find rooms, especially the 20th floor and above, to be clean and pleasant. I do not find the size of the bathrooms to be a problem. I have stayed at the Crowne Plaza and will admit that I probably got more room and amenities for the dollars, but I still go back to the Gouverneur for the location. The bars and clubs are few steps away. No planning is required for trips to the gay village. You come and go as you please, any time, without regard to the metro, a cab, or a long walk. Now… with that said, I have not stayed at other hotels in Montreal (other than the Crowne Plaza), so my viewpoint is not as well balanced as some

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I have upgraded to the Business Class rooms at the Gouv, and I find it is worth the difference. The Business Class rooms are all new and clean, and they have a nice walk-in shower. I know what the others have said complaining about the Gouv, some of the regular rooms are bit worn.


I have also stayed at the Crown Plaza. The rooms are bigger and the management is better, but the Gouv location is better. If you don't mind walking the couple of blocks to the Crown Plaza its a nice alternative.


Under no conditions should you eat at the Gouv. They have the worst food in North America! There are so many great places to eat in Montreal there is no need toeat at the Gouv. Walk down the street to Cora's for a great breakfast.


Language is not a problem at all in Montreal. All service personnel are bi-lingual, and are very accomodating. Some dancers aren't very good at English, but I don't engage them for conversation. Besides, I find the accent very sexy.

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I too am considering a first time trip to montreal. probably early april.. I have a few questions and would appreciate some answers from the "seasoned ones". first of all, I found a great air/hotel deal on priceline for the Delta Montreal hotel. Is this near the bars? in particular near taboo? Is the hotel decent? Next question. what is typical weather there like in April? Next question...Would anyone there like to show me around the fair city? I am a 38 yr old GWM who is fond of young, twink types, which is why i am looking forward to Taboo. Not saying i wouldnt mind someone older to show me around. Just that is what I am sexually attracted to. Also. I have read the FAQ's about the strip clubs there, but not really sure what to expect. Here in phoenix, AZ, the one place with total nudiy is not allowed to serve alcohol. The dancers do not get erect.. You are not allowed to touch....How does this compare to montreal? Thanks for all the help and responses.. Look forward to visiting soon.

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The Delta Montreal is on the north side of downtown. It has a website which shows pictures; you can also use the MAP function in YAHOO to see the exact location and relationship to bars. It is nowhere near; taxi rides would be essential.


For the agencies. Most escorts in Montreal are not full-time, but part-time. The guys are either students or have other jobs. The list in the ads is merely an indication of who might be available. My impression is the agency has a fairly good sized roster of guys, far more than the ads list. HOWEVER, they are not all available at every hour. Some only work evenings, others only during the day, others only weekends, etc. The agency tries to accommodate both its escorts and its clients. Escorts tell me most of their work is done before 6:00 p.m. I never have trouble finding a cute twink for 11 in the morning if I have a late flight home. He arrives bright eyed and bushy tailed, happy to make me happy for an hour and earn good money and be finished by noon. But you must be very clear with the agency about what you want. A couple of times the agency did not have what I wanted WHEN I wanted, so I said, would you have this boy at another time? And the answer always is, sure. So if you can be a little flexible, no problem.


Each of us has different experiences. I have stayed at the Gouverneurs many times and Sebastian and the desk clerks have always been courteous and kind; my rooms have always been clean and attractive; you also get a free complimentary breakfast (orange juice, two croissants, and as much coffee as you like + free newspaper = that's great with me); check-out can be as late as 3:00 p.m. if you have a late flight home with no problem for members of the Club; you don't have to bother with check-out - they slip the bill under your door at 3:00 a.m. the morning you leave, etc. It has always been very pleasant at the Gouverneurs for me.

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1. Weather. The weather in April is late winter; it may be cool/cold. Certainly bring along a hat or cap, gloves, and windbreaker and sweater; you can always take off a layer.


2. A guide. Interesting. Certainly you might find a dancer who would be interested in doing that during the day. I think if you called an escort agency, a fairly high rate would be involved, but maybe not. Just ask. Some of the dancers are students and might be very interested. Sorry, I don't have home phone numbers. Marc might be able to make a suggestion or make a contact for you.


3. Language. No problem. HOWEVER, French is the first language and English the second, and we are guests in their country. I think it is appropriate that we try at least to say "Bonjour" when we first meet a Montrealer each day, and "Merci," if we receive any service. All service people are bilingual, but they don't expect you to be.


4. Money. On the ground floor of the Gouverneurs, there is a branch of the national bank and during regular hours they exchange at good rates. They also have a space right at the corner which is open to an outside door 24 hours every day and has 5 ATMs. Don't bother bringing cash or travelers' checks, but have your credit or debit card hooked up to your account back home so you can withdraw. This Montreal bank charges nothing when you withdraw and gives a good rate. If your bank at home charges you nothing, you exchange money for free - saving yourself. If you change at the bank during the day, I think the fee is 2%. (Currently a Canadian dollar costs about $ .77 US , I think.)


5. Clubs in Montreal for first timers. Get ready for a very enjoyable time. There are four, and sometimes five, male stripper bars, along Ste. Catherine Street, beginning with the Hotel des Gouverneurs at the West end and ending with Taboo at the East end. All are in easy walking distance along a safe street lined with gay bars, restaurants, bookstores, etc. None of the clubs charge cover, so you just walk in, look around for a place to sit and there are lots of tables, and get ready to enjoy yourself. (Some have Women's Night, which can change the atmosphere completely. Taboo never has women.) A good looking waiter will be at your side quickly and take your order. Drinks are moderately priced and sometimes very cheap. Beers are $2.50-$4.00 Canadian, depending on time of day or evening. Cokes are $3.00 CD. Mixed drinks $4.50-$6.00. They don't complain if you nurse a drink a long time. At all the clubs they have continuous entertainment, so you don't wait long times between dancers. They usually rotate dancers in sets of three. There is a large central stage in each bar. A dancer will come on stage clothed and perform to a fast song and strip down to bare torso and usually flash a little more, and then the next dancer will be on his second song, which is done totally nude and to slower music. And then another dancer does his first/fast/clothed song, etc. You do not tip or touch a dancer when he is on stage. After a dancer performs his two dances, he comes out and mingles with the customers, dressed often in briefs, sometimes jeans. Some will come up to each customer looking for interest. Others are more shy and walk around waiting for a customer to make eye contact or ask them to join. If you are at all interested, indicate you would like to talk. They will sit and chat with you - hoping of course that this will eventually lead to a lap dance, which is how they earn money. Dancers are not paid anything by any of the bars and they must tip the dj for each song played for them. I think you ought to support the boys a bit for all the entertainment they provide. If you really intend to do a lap dance, you can chat for several songs, rub their back. If you have no intention of a lap dance, I don't think you should take a lot of their time. But it is certainly fair to talk with a guy to see if you would like him. If you would like a lap dance in privacy in the side room, where there are small cubicles with walls on three sides, ask the dancer if he would like to perform for you. The rate is $10 Can. per song, but be sure and ask this to confirm before you head back. A few dancers, especially at Stock, will try to con you into paying $20/song. You may also want to specify how many songs you want to stay for. Otherwise time can go quickly and the dancer will quote you a (fair) bill which can be sizable. When you get to the back, there will be a bench for you to sit on and a little circular platform that the dancer stands on. Tell him to wait until the next song begins before he starts, otherwise you will be taken for short periods. Until the new song begins, you should not touch, but you can talk. When the song begins, he should stand up and take off all his clothes, and begin to dance nude for you. If he does not (and some posters here apparently have had bad experiences), tell him to please take everything off. If he does not, you can terminate the dance. But almost every dancer does with no hesitation. You can then stroke his legs, back, and chest as he dances and generally rotates on the platform and you can see his (cute and sexy) nude body up very close. To do more, you need to ask. It does not cost more, but the dancer must be agreeable, and you should not aggressively grab and maul him. The longer you stay, the more dances you pay for, then more may be allowed. Law prohibits touching genitals or buttocks and Taboo was raided and closed just last fall for three months because customers and dancers went too far, and many dancers are still awaiting their trial and the bar could be closed permanently. Don't endanger Taboo and the others, please. You can have plenty of fun without causing problems for yourself, the dancers, and the bars.


6. Twinks. If twinks are your primary interest, then Montreal is close to paradise; Campus from 3-8 is the place to go each day and Taboo from 8-2 a.m. each night. Taboo does not open until 7:00 p.m. Campus doesn't really get going until about 3:45, but then is good. There are usually 15-20 dancers in the afternoon, about half pure twinks. There are also twinks at Adonis, sometimes very cute ones, but it is hit or miss. You can stop in on your way to Taboo, see who is there ( it is a small place ) and stay for a while or leave right away. Taboo will always have a bunch of cute twinks; on weekends in the past it had 21-25 twinks on Fri and Sat nights.; it seems to have a little less now. And you can easily order in to your hotel from the agency a twink or two during the day and/or evening. If you really enjoy the escort, you can arrange with him to meet again the next day or whatever, but you should inform the agency also. It is also nice to call the agency after a date if you liked the escort, and tell them that he was good. The agency and escort appreciate this because the agency will use them more/offer them more opportunities. You will certainly meet interesting guys. I once had a boy at 3:30 p.m. straight from algebra class, who arrived with his back pack and books straight from school; he was new at escorting but very enthusiastic, willing, and smooth. A young car mechanic was particularly passionate and fascinated as I introduced him to a couple of new things. A sweater salesman from a big department store was very sweet. The boys in Montreal seem to be especially affectionate; they all kiss and cuddle with enthusiasm and naturalness. I don't know whether it is the French background, but it is very sweet. They also really enjoy sex as something natural. None seem to have problems with shape, size or age of clients. Most are probably bisexual, and this is a way of earning money, but they do enjoy it.

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There are two Delta hotels in Montreal,the one near the convemtion center is the better of the two.I would place them in the same league as the Gouverneur(not that great-but if you get a good deal???)The other one is on Sherebrooke near the main tourist section.There will be a subway stop within two or three blocks.If there are other hotels offered for a little more you might want to consider them.

If I might suggest a couple of resources,Tripadvisor.com has reviews for thousands of hotels all over the world and is a great research tool.Biddingfortravel.com has hotel reviews based on winning bids on priceline.com(go to the hotel list for the area you are interested in)it is also an invaluable tool when placing bids on priceline.You can ask for advice regarding bidding-just be sure to read the faqs first and stick to Sheryls rules(or your balls will be sore from her busting them!)It has saved me hundreds of $$$ over the last few years.

It sounds like Taboo and Campus (during the day) will be just your cup of tea!

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Thanks so far guys. Appreciate the help..Other than the Guv, can someone list a few nearby hotels that I might try? Also, as far as guides, what I meant was a local person who is familiar with the scene there, as opposed to a "working" person. I would gladly buy someone dinner or a few drinks if they would accompany me, show me where to go, introduce me to the city and the boys..

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Guest Tampa Yankee

>There are two Delta hotels in Montreal,the one near the

>convemtion center...


Just off University Ave. (and the Hilton Bonaventure) which is where the expressway into Montreal dumps you.


>The other one is on Sherebrooke near the

>main tourist section.There will be a subway stop within two or

>three blocks.


Actually, it is on 475 President Kennedy Blvd. near Sherbrooke and also near Rue Maisonnueve, the street Taboo is on. The bad news is that the hotel is about a mile (maybe a little less) west of Taboo. The good news is that the Subway entrance is located at the end of the block (the block the hotel is on and the block that Taboo is on) and tickets are available in blocks of six at $10 CDN. That is quite a savings over the individual ticket price. The modern subway is a pleasant way to get around in the winter time and drops you almost right across from Taboo, four stops away at Papineau. (The Gouverneur is two stops away.) In winter I find the subway to Papineau much preferable to the 6-7 block walk from the Gouverneur to Taboo. Be aware that subways stop running around 1am (check to be sure of exact time) so if you are out past that, which I always am, you will need a taxi ride back -- $6-$7 CDN from Taboo to Delta, as well as running up and down Ste Catherine. Again, warmer than the walk to the Gouv. :) Taxis are readily found outside Taboo and Le Club Sandwich two blocks west on Ste Catherine


I find the accommodations quite acceptable and very convenient at the Delta on Kennedy. Especially so since I have never paid more than $50 US via Priceline. Stayed in early Dec for $30. :)

That is not to say that such rates are always available. New Year's was no such luck. :(


Like Big Guy, I also stay at the Priceline 4*s in the same area as the Deltas or even a little further removed for as little as $70 US. They are also convenient to the subway.

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well, the weather on April can be very different. This year supposed to be very cold (we see it right now - it's up to -20C right now - BRRRR), so, be ready for the worth, and if it will be warm - so, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Any case, the warm jacket, boots, hat and gloves are the must.

DELTA - MONTREAL and DELTA CENTRE-VILLE MONTREAL are nice hotels - at least from outside - but situated far from the gay-village. the second one is almost next to "West-end bar", the only gay strip-club outside of the village, but this bar is a real time-waist. So, if you want something closer to the village, you have to stay at Governeur ( just at the corner of the village), or at the Witdham - few blocks away, at the PLACE DES ARTS. If you want something extra - so, you can stay at Inter-Continental Hotel, whitch is near DELTA CENTRE_VILLE, but much more fashionable.

language - i live here for 4 years without French and have no much problems. Beleive me, if i had, I'd already learned it Maybe it would be better to have problems - to make learning French a must.;-)

Strip clubs - well, definitely it's different with arizona - the guy without an erection on Montreal stage is hard to find ;) According to your preferences you mentioned, you have to visit Taboo and Campus days, but don't miss Stock-Bar, because it offer the guys of ALL types to ALL tastes and the most comfortable. Yes, guys are trying to get naked as late as possible - to make you stay for more dances, yes, they can overcharge you, but most of them will allow you to do a LOT - of course i mean touching, kissing, and sometimes even some of sacred parts ;) Best time for Stock is after 10 pm. Have no idea what's going on at BLU after taboo was reopened, but in Thursdays there were rather crazy atmospere. Wednesday at Stock and Sunday at Campus are lady's nights. it doesn't mean that you'll be not allowed to enter, but be ready to get less attention.

well, if need some more info, be free to ask

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Guest TwinkLoverr

I have to second the kudos to Karl for the AWESOME "Montreal in a nutshell" review! It must have taken a good amount of time to compose all of that. Even those of us who have visited Montreal a couple of times appreciate it.


I am not very fond of the Gouverneur. The only thing I find redeemable about the Gouverneur is its super-convenient location. Other than location, it doesn't offer much, and is generally over-priced compared to other options. Also, when I have some - shall we say "company" - coming back to the room with me, I somewhat feel like all eyes are upon me as we parade past the front desk clerks. Although maybe all eyes ARE upon us because usually my guest is an incredibly gorgeous guy from Campus or Stock or wherever! Somehow it always makes me feel a little uncomfortable, although I gather they are rather used to this happening. I'm sure I am not the first guy walking arm and arm with some twink through the lobby. }(


As for alternatives, I would suggest that the gentleman seeking advice from this thread consider any of the numerous B&B's in and around the gay village. I have found that they are much cleaner, less expensive, and infinitely more friendly than the average hotel. I have stayed at two that are great, and both very close to the action of St Catherine St. Here are the links:

1) http://www.aubergell.com/en/chambres/index.html

2) http://www.lehouseboy.com/


I would recommend Aubergell first. They have a cute little piano bar downstairs with a working fireplace - great for those COLD Montreal nights. The owner, Yvon, was very nice and even bought drinks for both me and my friend on our first night staying there. You can also access a gym nearby free of charge, if you need to workout after a "workout" at the stip clubs! :9


I'm curious about something myself now.... It seems that the Montreal "veterans" (BGP, Tampa, Marc, et al) stay at hotels. Have you considered B&B's as an alternative? Why or why not?

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The Aubergelle also has apartments with their own private entrances at pretty reasonable rates in the middle of the action on Montcalm which is between the Berri-UQAM and Beaudry subway stops. One of the apartments has been renovated and looks incredible with stainless steel appliances and very nice dark wood cabinetry in the kitchen and a big stone tile shower in the bedroom for $175/night.


I made a reservation for now at the Gouverneur in a business class room for C$169...only took me three tries using their online reservation form to get things right. I'll cross my fingers...but this apartment looks good.:9

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have to agree with BigGuyInPasadena...


I have stayed at the Gouverneur 3 times in the last year and I've been increasingly disappointed with the attitude of the staff.

Its pretty much - "this is the way things are and take it or leave it." - regardless of your request or problem. The business level rooms are definately worth the extra $$ but the staff still treats you like a dog. And the food is horrible!

Yes, the Gouverneur's location is perfect but I am headed back to Montreal tonight and headed back to my favorite: Lowes Hotel Vogue - A five star gorgeous boutique property located in the central shopping district. This place is spectacular and rivals the Ritz for best in town title. It's about the same price as Gouverneur in winter (I'm paying CAD$209 per night with the 3rd night free). To me it's worth the trade off to stay in the lap of luxury ... I'm more than happy to take the 10 minute subway ride or $5 cab ride to the Village!

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