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Gaiety Week of 12/29

Guest JohnPela
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Guest JohnPela

>Hey JP,

>As a child what stories were read to you to get you to sleep?

> ;) VDN



Fairy Tails of course! I guess I didn't get enuf bed-time reading tonight because here I am on this site back again.

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Guest JohnPela

>Think the others must be too busy stuffing the ballot box :)

>(TOTALLY kidding) NY Observer



I hope no one else new to this board votes for Ben Versace- I'm afraid the third degree or lie detector questioning or maybe even beating a confession out of me may be inflicted on my next Gaiety visit. I guess if its one of the dancers then it could be interesting.


Yea, With 1 day and 55 minutes to go on this vote I'm waiting to see what the official vote is at this point and which dancer is in the lead. ;)

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Quick post:



1. Dave

2. Jeffrey

3. Nikolai

4. Ben

5. Cameron

6. Pablo

7. Anthony


Weekend rumors: Marlone, 2 new guys from San Diego.


I've been told that:

Gaiety will be open for first two shows on New Year's Eve, then closed for the evening.

Gaiety will be open starting with the 6:00 show on New Year's day

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