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Lap Dance a la Carte

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A 10,000 square foot luxury strip club has opened in New York City where men can go have a fine steak dinner (imagine that, beef at a strip club!) before or after they go to ogle the....girls. Yes, it is a straight club. One has to wonder why we can't have a similar version for gay men.


The straight place is the Executive Club at 45th and 11th Avenue. You can see the review of the steakhouse (Robert's) on page 17 of the new New Yorker magazine. The review points out that the lap dancers wear G-strings, but you can go behind the silk curtain to enjoy greater privacy.


Just to look at the place from the outside ("an Art Deco monolith") one would certainly get the expectation that this is a classy place, what with a doorman and velver ropes. And of course, the cops would never bother the place since they are so busy looking after us!:)

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Guest Tampa Yankee

>One has to wonder

>why we can't have a similar version for gay men.


Sounds like a great opportunity for a 'Lucky' entrepreneur!! When can we expect the grand opening? :7

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"One has to wonder why we can't have a similar version for gay men."


I doubt such a place would be able to survive the gay scene. Speaking only from a DC point of view, there used to be several gay clubs that had restaurants and a lively bar/dance area also (no dance boys that I can recall). It just seems that the restaurants couldn't generate enough support to stay in business.


It seems that gay clubs only want to cater to excruciatingly loud music and flashing lights where the clientele can drink, tweak, dance and engage in sexual acts.


Nothing wrong with these types of clubs as they are and always have been popular. As for me, I have always wanted to see a gay club that has live music whether rock, jazz or blues. But those type clubs are always straight clubs also.

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