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stella's in NYC

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Hello guys,


I'll be in NYC next weekend. Can you recommend a visit to Stella's?? What's on there???


Thks for helping this European guy :)

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Hey man, I have only been to Stella's once, this past Sunday, Oct. 5th as a visitor from out of town, so my comments are tempered by that fact. IMO, this whole forum is geared to the Gaiety theatre, and most of the guys who post here are Gaiety fans, who mostly won't openly discuss Stellas. No critcism intended on my part, but it seems as if you ask a question about Stella's you will be summarily referred to the FAQ rather than getting a response to your query.


I have no such allegiances and will tell you, that Stella's is definitely worth a visit! I found all the bartenders to be handsome, very friendly, flirty and who will also make you a really good cocktail. I also found the crowd to be very friendly and accepting and helpful to out of towners. Not to mention good looking, outgoing, very friendly dance boys.


Lots of handsome young men (especially PR guys) who are friendly, honest and fun to be with even if you don't go home with them. Don't know for sure, but it seems that the bartenders know the honest working boys, so I assume that most anyone working will be okay to go with. I had a great time there, and would highly recommend checking it out. It is on 47th street about 1/3 block east of 8th Avenue. :) I plan to go there everytime I am in NYC.

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Stella's is certainly worth a try. I go there several times a week. The FAQ is very specific on what you'll see and what type of action goes on. Setting up FAQ's about Strip Clubs was done to provide members with information on "frequently asked questions" regarding all Strip Clubs. Some dedicated members have spent quality time in providing a club review and keeping it updated.


No one who attends Stella's regularly is avoiding answering any questions. Unfortunately, the author of this thread hasn't asked anything specific. If he does, I'll be happy to reply... My feeling is that he read the FAQ and got all the information he needed.


Stella's is a hustler bar. The action varies from night to night. Some nights you might get lucky and find a hustler of your type other nights you'll sit there wondering why did I bother. Several patrons of the Gaiety go there after a show. It's a nice place to relax, have a drink with friends, and do some boy watching. Picking up a hustler is very easy, but if you read the FAQ, you would have already known that.


There have been several threads related to Stella's, however, you can not compare it to the international attention that the Gaiety gets. The Gaiety is unique, Stella's isn't. The members here are extremely fortunate that people take the time out to share information on the Gaiety. The Gaiety thread has a very large following. If you feel that the G-threads get more attention, than why not write a thread on your favorite strip club. Writing reviews should not be the job of just a handful of members. Example: those who travel to Montreal provide us with the most current information regarding the Clubs. You won't find anything like that elsewhere on the internet.


Again, if anyone has a specific question on Stella's, that is not already addressed in the FAQ, please ask.


Btw, several out of state board members, who have visited NYC, have accompanied me to Stella's. Jackhammer, Glutes, KY_TOP, Tomcal, Denver Traveler, Shy, Jack Pela, are just a few. They all enjoyed it.

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>I concur with you. There is a difinate tilt to the Gaiety.

>This is an open board and no reason we can't talk about

>Stellas or any other place of interest.


>the Cajun


I have absolutely no idea what this reply means. Of course this is an "open board", no one is prevented from providing information or asking questions. It's absurd to even think that... But did you notice that the author of this thread is a new member and probably did know we had a FAQ? Fortunately, someone directed him to it and offered to help him if he had any questions.

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Hey Cooper,


I wasn't intending to offend the Gaiety, you or anyone who posts about the Gaiety. If I did, please accept my sincere apologies, as I hope you know that I appreciate your hard work and all of the advice you have given all of the visitors to this forum. Thanks to your astute advice and the info from other regular Gaiety posters, the Gaiety is another place that I will always visit when I am in NYC.


Well, what the heck, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even know about Stellas! BTW: thanks a lot for the additonal info in your reply. I thought this was the kind of input the author of the thread was seeking, as the FAQ section mostly gives just the "facts ma'am". A similar analogy would be having all the facts about an escort, but seeking others experiences with the escort in the Deli section.


While the Gaiety, rightfully so, gets a lot of this type of feedback, very few other strip clubs do on this forum, because as you correctly point out, people don't post their experiences. That is all I was attempting to provide the questioner, but once again I guess my approach squashed my good intentions. Sorry, dude.

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>I'll be in NYC next weekend. Can you recommend a visit to

>Stella's?? What's on there???


>Thks for helping this European guy :)


If you're going to Stella's next weekend (Fri/Sat), I'd recommend you go after 11pm. That's when the place gets going. You'll find mostly Spanish, Latinos, and Black hustlers, however, other types do drop in. I've met some very special hustlers there and have enjoyed their company... Downstairs, after midnight, there is a go-go show. The dancers will put on a 5 minute stage show, sometimes dressed in costume and will strip donw to a thong. Then, they'll be circulating throughout the crowd wearing just a thong and collecting tips. The bigger the tip the deeper it goes! :p Remember, there is a $5.00 admission charge, you'll get a chip and cash it in for a free drink... There is a smoking cage outside the front door, get your hand stamped so you can re-enter without a charge... If you decide to spend some private time with a hustler, remember to ask questions regarding your pleasures. These guys usually don't have hotel rooms available, you'll have to provide one... There is absolutely no sexual activity permitted at Stella's... Prices, for time only, are negotiable, 100-200 is the going rate.


Let us know how your night goes.

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Thks for the info guys! I don't want to be involved in the discussion Gaiety versus Stella's... I 'll visit both places :)


Is touching allowed in Stella's?

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