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Chasers - Charlotte

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Guest thegstringfan69



Just wanted to let everyone know, I went back to Chasers in Charlotte NC for the first time in quite a while. It's still no where near what is was (though some will think I mean the seedy little hole in the wall), but there have been some improvements.


A few years ago, Chasers underwent renovation. It made the club a little nicer in appearance, but it also began a series of events that the club still hasn't fully recovered from. During the shutdown, a lot of the dancers, oddly enough, the majority of whom were pretty damned hot, had to go find work elsewhere. Chasers has had a hard time luring them back (from wherever they went). There were a few police busts around that time too, so the few hot dancers they had, moved on. The club also responded by 'cleaning up'. They've got many more lights now, it's almost too bright, and lap dances happen in pretty plain view of most of the club.


So here's the good news. Last night, there were several attractive guys, and one REALLY hot dude (Ashley -- yeah, I know, he needs to ditch the girls name). The dancing was good, and I had one lap dance (with Ashley).


The guys strip down to gstrings, and tease with more, but can't do it. Later in the evenings they have what is called 'blackout' -- all the dancers sit on stage, all the lights go out, and the customers get to tip, and well . . . check out the merchandise.


During my lap dance there was lots of touching and fondling and pulling the gstring aside to gain easier access. I did ask if he ever did anything more than dance -- he gave me his phone number so that I could call about a 'private dance' away from the club.

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Guest jayjock2000

I live in the Charlotte area and frequent Chasers about once a month. It's a hit or miss situation with the guys. Some nights the guys are hot, others only a few are really great. The above poster was right...you used to get anything you wanted at Chasers...in the back room...Of course, it no longer exists, and all lap dances take place in the main area. Some of my favorite guys are PJ, Giovanni and Montana. There are some nice twink boys also, but I don't know their names. I believe the majority of the guys are straight. The bartenders are cute and gay. I'd love to see them in g-strings. Most of the guys now are careful about where you touch them. It used to be that guys would let you touch them anywhere at anytime. The club is much nicer now that it has been remodeled. It'a a fun place for a drink and good eye candy. I'd love to hear how others feel about the place?

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I visit Charlotte a few times a year to see family. In the six or seven years that I’ve gone out in Charlotte, only once has there been a dancer that I enjoyed at Chasers. At the time, one could still have a “lap dance” up on a stool up by the DJ booth.  But since then, there have really been only 2 or 3 dancers, almost all of them really thin twinks (which isn’t my type). 

As large as Charlotte is, I’m amazed that they can’t find a handful of guys who want to dance for tips…

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On 2/7/2022 at 7:22 PM, pdxleo said:

Used to be, the hot guys from NC and SC would  go dance at Swinging Richards in Atlanta for the weekends, head back home to the Carolinas after making their cash - that pattern is sure to change now that SR isn't an option for income any longer. 

Well I hope that certainly is the case. Every time I go to Chasers I think, Why did I choose to come out here again? I'll hold out hope that Chasers chooses to invest in some dancer entertainment...

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